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Plea before Kerala High Court seeks inclusion of advocate clerks in E-filing process

The plea filed through advocate Krishnan PB contended that the rules notified by the High Court (who is respondent no. 2) seeking implementation of the e-filing system, ignores the role of advocate clerks in the State of Kerala and the same are arbitrary, erroneous and unjustifiable.

It stated that advocate clerks, who have been an integral part of the administration of justice, are sidelined by the present system of e-filing. According to the petitioner, this deprives the over 10,000 advocate clerks in Kerala of of their livelihood and therefore, requires modification.

Therefore, it is violative of the fundamental rights of the petitioner and other advocate clerks, guaranteed under Articles 14, 19(1)g and 21 of the Constitution of India, the plea said.

The petitioner, who is an advocate clerk from Thrissur district, highlighted the situation at subordinate courts.

He contended that the present system of confining filing to e-filing, when a huge volume of documents have to be uploaded, has made it practically impossible for the cases to proceed before a subordinate court.

Source: Barandbench

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