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Plea before Madras High Court against TN Governor RN Ravi for holding “office of profit” as chairperson of Auroville Foundation

The plea also said that since taking charge of the TN Governor’s office in September 2021, Ravi has been making public statements espousing the cause of Sanatan Dharma, which goes against the non-religious Dravidian movement and the founding principles of the Auroville Foundation.

“It is against the principles of the Dravidian movement, since Sanathana Dharma divides the people into four varnas and according to the Sanathana Dharma, Brahmins are the superior people and Shudras are created by Brahma to be a slave of Brahmins. It was criticized by the entire Tamil people since the Dravidian movement is based upon no religion and no caste basis and it is aimed at casteless society. Periyar EV Ramasamy advocated Samadharma which means dharma should be equal to all the human beings and no discrimination can be made on the basis of the caste and community by birth,” the plea said.

Source: Barandbench

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