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Punjab and Haryana High Court allows student booked for murder to appear for LLM exam

The Court, however, allowed the petitioner to take his exams at the University. The Court also ordered the State to deploy adequate police personnel as security to take the petitioner to the exam hall and ensure his return to jail after the exam.

To this end, the Court issued the following directions:

1. Petitioner would deposit an amount of ₹75,000, as per the directions of the State;

2. State would depute an adequate number of police personnel to take the petitioner from jail to the examination centre on the days on which the four exams are to be held.

3. After each exam is over, the police personnel, who have been deputed by the State would take the petitioner back to the jail.

4. The university is directed to permit the petitioner to take the said four exams on the petitioner showing his identity card.

5. The university is further directed to ensure that the police personnel accompanying the petitioner are allowed to sit in a place where the petitioner is visible to them throughout the examination. The concerned police personnel are directed to keep a strict vigil on the petitioner so that the petitioner does not escape.

Source: Barandbench

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