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Renukaswamy Murder: Actor Darshan, three others sent to judicial custody till July 4

Darshan is among those accused of having carried out the murder of a man named Renukaswamy whose corpse was found on June 9.

It is alleged that Renukaswamy died from injuries sustained in an attack carried out on Darshan’s instructions after he made derogatory comments against the actor’s girlfriend Pavithra Gowda (also an accused) on social media.

There are a total of seventeen persons accused in the case, including Darshan Thogudeepa and Pavithra Gowda.

Darshan had been in police custody since his arrest on July 11. On June 20, the police custody over Darshan was extended by two more days, till June 22.

After the extended police custody ended today, the trial court has now sent Darshan to judicial custody along with three of his alleged accomplices, Vinay, Pradush and Dhanaraj.

Notably, during the remand hearing today, the prosecution requested that the accused persons be shifted to Tumakur District Jail since there were apprehensions that jail inmates, who are Darshan’s fans, may attack his co-accused.

The request was opposed by the counsel for the co-accused. The trial court will hear the issue further on June 24 and decide.

Source: Barandbench

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