[Sister Abhaya murder case] Prosecution prima facie failed to effectively counter defense evidence: Kerala High Court

– On medical evidence and cause of death

The Court said that there is no need to delve deep into medical evidence at this stage but made some observations for the sake of completeness.

The conclusion in the post mortem report is that of death by drowning.

After a roving examination, a doctor deposed that the possibility of some injuries being caused by assault with a hard blunt object could not be ruled out. He later said the Investigating Officer had produced a kaikodali (and axe), which he said could have caused the injuries. But the Court noted no hand axe was seized by the Police or produced before Court.

Another witness opined that the postmortem appearances are quite consistent with drowning. But he later said that he had made the observation only to help a lawyer.The Court, therefore, found no reason to rely on his evidence.

Source: Barandbench