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Supreme Court questions “tearing urgency” by Central government in appointing Arun Goel as Election Commissioner

The bench said that what it wants to know was whether the procedure prescribed was followed correctly.

“We just want to know the process (that was undertaken). If you toss a coin and both sides you win, and here we notice that man has credentials, but what if he is docile?” Justice Joseph asked.

“There can be someone saying he is docile, someone will say he is not. Which one will Court consider,” the AG asked.

“Tell us how he was chosen ahead of four others,” Justice Joseph persisted.

“We find the voluntary retirement, etc very … Is it normal? does it happen like this normally,” Justice Bose weighed in.

“He was anyways going to retire on December 31,” the AG replied.

“You did it in one day. On November 18. The file shows it,” Justice Joseph remarked.

Source: Barandbench

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