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[The Viewpoint] Brief Overview of Wills in UAE

International or foreign Wills are executed by individuals who are not citizens or residents of UAE but have assets in UAE. To be recognized as valid and enforceable Will in the UAE, where they are being probated, international Wills must meet the requirements for probate in that jurisdiction.

  1. Determining jurisdiction

  2. Filing the Will for probate

  3. Appointing an executor

  4. Administering the estate

Non-Muslim individuals who execute foreign Wills in UAE may have their Wills probated in the DIFC, provided that the Will meets certain requirements. The Will must be executed in accordance with the laws of the individual’s home country and must be recognized as valid in that country. The Will must also be written in English or translated into English and must be signed by two witnesses.

Source: Barandbench

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