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[Virtual Hearing] “Fakta 2 judges kase boltil:” How judges find it difficult to speak to each other without participants hearing

However, once the pronouncements were over and the Bench started hearing matters on the board, they found out that they were having difficulty consulting each other discreetly.

One of the judges also asked his court staff to check with the technician whether there was any way the two judges could communicate with each other without the other participants hearing the same.

“I have called technician. Fakta two judges na kasa bolta yeil VC madhe [how can two judges speak during VC (without others hearing)]? There has to be a system. We should sit in courtroom only,” Justice Shinde said.

Since there seemed to be no such provision, the judges decided to assemble in the courtroom and hold proceedings from there, so that they could converse with each other.

Source: Barandbench

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