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Virtual Internship Experience under Anil Dutt Sharma & Associates (High Court of Delhi): Approachable Senior and Great Learning Experience

Name of the Intern

Ananthu G S

Name of your College

Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Name of the Course and Year of Study

LL.B, 1st Year

Name and Address of the Organisation

Anil Dutt Sharma & Associates (High Court of Delhi), CH. NO. B-136, B.G.S. BLOCK, TIS HAZARI COURTS, DELHI-110054

Duration of Internship

From: 01/05/2021 Till: 31/05/2021

How Did you Apply for the Internship?

I regularly follow Adv Anil Dutt Sharma in LinkedIn. He regularly posts on opportunities for internship under him. On one such opportunity, I had applied through the mentioned email Id. With in no time, I had received an approval reply from him. In the reply mail, he mentioned regarding the date on which, I have to send a remainder message to him. On that mentioned day, I texted him and he sent me a link to the interns WhatsApp group.

To get an internship under him, it would be advisable to follow him at LinkedIn and have a close watch on the posts he posts there.

His Profile Link:

His Email Id:

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

Since the internship was virtually conducted, the formalities were quite plain and simple. His assistant sent Us the joining link for the introduction via Microsoft Meet in the WhatsApp Group formed.

There were more than 70- 80 interns in the meet. Nevertheless, he keenly attended every one’s query and encouraged us to actively participate in the lecture series and tasks he used to assign.

Main Tasks

Major tasks that were assigned to us can be grouped into 2 heads; Researching and Drafting.

He taught us, how to draft Legal Notice or Notice in Demand u/s 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act and the crucial aspect of including Sec 420 IPC (Cheating) in the legal notice to strengthen the case when it comes before the court having jurisdiction. He tasked as to prepare a draft legal notice to be issued to a party in a hypothetical ‘Dishonoured Cheque’ case

Other major task/learning we’ve received was on drafting a ‘Rent Deed’. He taught us the nitty gritty involved while drafting a Rent Deed. We were asked to find a draft model of such a rent deed and come up with the doubts and queries on it. Once that was done, every intern was assigned with drafting a rent deed between a tenant and land lord with suitable names by our own.

In the both tasks, we had to email him the draft we had prepared by our own to him. The important part to be noted here is that, he used to go through every intern’s draft on ‘Rent Deed’ and ‘Legal Notice’ and reply individually on the improvements we could make next time.

Apart from that, at the very beginning of the internship itself, we were given a set of topics on which we had to research and write a 1000+ words article. Since we had almost got 20-25 days to prepare for that article on the desired topic from the given list, it was a cake walk. More over, based on the quality of the article, he distributed cash prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes.

Work Environment

Zero Pressure on interns. Interns could avail the assistant assigned by Sir at any time. If there is any urgent need of meeting him, he was always available on WhatsApp or Gmail.

Good Things

Internships in these days are highly skewed in favour of researching alone and minimal attention is received by ‘Drafting Part’. But under Adv Anil Sir, We got the opportunity for drafting which is crucial in skills of an apt lawyer.

Interns are still in touch with Sir. Unlike some corporate firms who quickly remove interns from the WhatsApp group up on completion of the internship period, he neither removed us from the group nor he left the group. He regularly posts opportunities for law students like moots, call for papers and openings to law graduates

Flexible Working Time

Accessibility and Availability

Bad Things

To be honest, I have not experienced any bad things from there owing to their fault. Lectures used to be mostly in Hindi. So a student coming from outside Hindi belt struggles a little bit.

Nonetheless, he translates quickly to English if some one raises concern on understanding.

Stipend (if any)

Unpaid Internship

Details about Accommodation and Commute

As it was a virtual internship, there was no need of accommodation and commutation

Anything Else?

Since he works mostly on family matters, it is advisable to a student planning to pursue career in Family matters to intern under him.

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