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10 Foods That Contribute The Most To Weight Gain

While we tend to associate anything with “fat” written on it as a high-calorie food, there are certain other foods that contribute in a much more significant way in adding a lot of calories, most of them empty, i.e., devoid of any nutritional value, and that’s why they contribute to fat storage more than others. Particularly, those with added sugar not only have high amount of calories, they also raise inflammation, and make it extremely difficult to lose weight. Regular consumption of such foods will lead to weight gain and obesity over time, so it’s important to weed them out of your diet not only to avoid weight gain but to get healthy as well.

Foods That Contribute The Most To Weight Gain

1. Margarine: Made with vegetable oils, it is extremely high in calories, and there’s a huge misconception that replacing butter with margarine is a healthy choice because it has low fat content, but the truth is that margarine is made from vegetable oils, salt, and emulsifiers that can raise inflammation in the body, and lead to belly fat. Stick to plain butter please.
2. Pizza: It’s one of the most popular junk food the world over. So, it’s better to reserve pizzas for your cheat days because it is made from refined flour, unhealthy fats, sodium – all of which promote weight gain. Also read: “12 Secrets for Eating Pizza Without Gaining Weight.”
3. Ice cream: It’s an easy guess why we are asking you to stay off ice cream and frozen desserts – it’s all about sugar and calories in them.
4. French Fries: If you are trying to get healthy and lose weight, avoid French fries, because the high fat content and empty calories do add up and make shedding of extra pounds difficult. A new study also reveals that industrially-produced French fries may have a compound called “acrylamide,” that can increase the risk of cancer.
5. Potato Chips: Potato chips are not okay, not even the baked ones because when potatoes are baked at extremely high temperatures, they release a compound called acrylamides, which as we have mentioned above, may cause cancer. Acrylamides are linked to abdominal obesity as well. Research has found that baked chips usually have three times more acrylamides than normally fried chips. So, even though potato chips are extremely delicious, an easy snacking option, and your best companion when you are bored – potato chips are extremely bad if you are trying to slim down from the middle.
6. Jam: Fruit jams are the most preferred spread on toasts and breads, but they have high sugar content that can spike insulin and lead to weight gain with regular use.
7. Fizzy Sweetened Beverages: Any kind of soda is bad for weight loss, diet soda has loads of artificial sweeteners, which are equally bad as refined sugar. Soft drinks are all about sugar and empty calories, and that’s why you have to cross them off.
8. Biscuits: They are made of everything refined – flour, sugar, and also have transfat – all of which increase belly fat and overall weight.
9. Junk Food: Burgers, doughnuts, and everything that you can buy off fast food joints have high amount of calories and refined carbs.
10. Processed Food: Most of them are made from refined flour and have unhealthy ingredients, not good for the weight gain or overall health.

Summing up, eating the right kind of food can actually lead to weight loss, and you can find meal plans that include such foods on the Rati Beauty diet plan.

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