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10 Hair Conditioner Mistakes you Need to Avoid

Think your hair has become dry, brittle, and lacks the bounce after shampooing and following a proper haircare routine including applying a good conditionr, then it’s possible that you might be making these hair conditioning mistakes even without realising them. A conditioner plays an inevitable role in protecting your hair from damage, breakage, apart from making them soft and shiny. Shampooing tends to dry out your strands and thus using a conditioner helps to restore the lost moisture. Skipping a conditioner after shampooing is not a good idea, especially if your hair tends to get extremely dry and is prone to breakage. However, if you are not getting the desired results with conditioning, make sure you are not making these 10 hair conditioning mistakes.

Hair Conditioner Mistakes you Need to Avoid

1. Applying Conditioner At the Roots As Well: A conditioner is meant to treat frizzy and dry hair, and applying it all over your roots is one of the biggest mistakes. Your scalp already produces sebum naturally and conditioner makes the scalp greasy and adds to buildup. Apply conditioner from the mid-length all the way to the ends to get desired results.

2. Using too much or Too Little: Are you guilty of using the same amount of conditioner as much as you use your shampoo? If yes, then you are over-conditioning your hair. It can make your hair limp, greasy and flat, even after washing. Also, using too little can be ineffective and may not condition dry hair enough. So, even if you have dry hair, do not go overboard with your conditioner and on the other hand, if you have oily hair, do not skip using it.

3. Skipping The Shampoo: It’s not a good idea to condition the hair without shampooing hair especially when the scalp and hair is greasy and oily. Conditioning greasy hair will make them look much more flat and limp.

4. Not Deeply Conditioning Extremely Dry Hair: The process of deep conditioning can revitalise your hair if they are frizzy and dry. It also prevents split and frayed ends and keeps your hair moisturised, so determine if your hair needs deep conditioning because regular conditioner does not work on frayed and badly damaged hair. Also read: “10 Homemade Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.”

5. Using Conditioner as a De-Tangling Product: You shouldn’t double up your conditioner will work as a de-tangling product. You will be needing more than what is required to detangle those messy knots, which could lead to over-conditioning of your hair. To prevent this issue, always brush your hair to detangle them. It will ease the work of conditioner, and you will just need a little amount to work on your hair.

6. Leaving Conditioner For Too Long: Leaving the conditioner on the hair for a long time can weigh them down while making hair greasy and limp.

7. Applying Conditioner Unevenly: If you are using a large amount of conditioner over your mid-lengths and a little at the ends, it will not do any good to your tresses. Apply the conditioner evenly on your hair length, instead of focusing on one place. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute conditioner evenly on the hair. It will make it easier for the conditioner to go through each strand, especially if you have thick or curly hair.

8. Not Trying the Reverse Hair Washing Method: You must have already seen many products that are formulated for the reverse hair washing method. Once in a while, you can use a conditioner before using a shampoo. It will totally change your hair washing game. When you use a conditioner before a shampoo, it provides all the benefits to your hair without leaving any residue behind. It will make your hair voluminous without weighing tresses down. Here’s a
“Homemade DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.”

9. Not Giving Conditioner Enough Time To Work: For the conditioner to work its magic, you need to give it enough time, we doubt if 2 to 3 minutes of application is good enough. Also, deep conditioning masks take around 30 minutes to work effectively. If you immediately rinse off the conditioner after application, then your conditioner won’t have enough time to moisturise your hair, so give it around 10 minutes to get optimum results.

10. Biggest Mistake – Skipping Conditioner Altogether: Hair care routine is incomplete without a conditioner because a good product adds moisture and softness to freshly shampooed hair. It also helps tame frizz, helps to avoid split ends as well, so make it a habit to condition hair every single time after shampooing.

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Homemade DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

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