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11 Hidden Reasons Why you Are Unable to Lose Weight

Why am I not losing belly fat despite doing hundreds of crunches day in and day out? Why is the weighing scale not budging even after counting calories and eating as less as I can? These are some common questions people often ask themselves when they do not see any progress even by following laborious weight loss measures. But losing weight should not be limited to dropping a few sizes to fit into a particular dress, you should also take into consideration the ample health benefits that come along with getting rid of extra layers of fat. Many studies have proven beyond doubt that obesity is one of the main reasons behind metabolic syndrome that increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, etc. Apart from obesity, insulin resistance also has been found to play a huge part in triggering life-threatening diseases. Do you know the root cause of all these issues – wrong eating habits and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Doctors suggest losing extra weight, leading an active lifestyle, eating healthy, and cutting down salt, sugar, and alcohol to alleviate and prevent metabolic syndrome. But as we have mentioned above, most people, even with their sincere efforts, find it difficult to drop extra weight, and one or more of these hidden reasons might be behind their failure. Read on to find out if you are committing some of these mistakes yourself.

Why you Are Unable to Lose Weight

1. Not Eating Enough: When you are not following any particular diet program and cutting calories on your own, eating as less as possible – there might not be any significant weight loss. Slashing out too many calories will push the body to go into a “famine mode” where it will slow down metabolism, burn fewer calories, and conserve stored fat. Follow the right kind of weight loss diet – such as Rati Beauty diet, which is not based on food deprivation or starving – it’s all about eating the right kind of food, eating healthy, and in right quantity to get lean and healthy. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

2. No Portion Control: It’s essential to portion control food to get into calorie deficit to lose weight. Portion control also involves being aware of the correct amount of food and serving sizes so that you do not fall out of calorie deficit. Confused about how to portion control without feeling hungry – read about “9 Ways To Cut Portion Sizes Without Getting Hungry.”
3. No Healthy Snacks Accessible: Frequent snacking can act as an hindrance when someone is trying to drop extra pounds, and when those snacks are packaged foods such as chips, cookies, biscuits, cupcakes, etc., there’s bound to be weight gain. When those 4 pm hunger pangs hit, keep handy healthy snacks such as roasted makhana, homemade vegetable chips, fresh fruits, apple and peanut butter, etc. to quell hunger pangs.

4. Too Much Protein: Yes, we advocate amping up protein when trying to shed weight because this nutrient has thermogenic properties, keeps one full for longer, repairs and builds muscles, and burns more calories in the process. But unknown to many, excess protein is converted to fat and will eventually lead to weight gain. So, how much protein can you have? Refer to the Rati Beauty diet for more details.

5. Do you Often Forget To Drink Water: It’s a fact that most of us do not actually “remember” to drink water, it may seem like a tedious task to get up for a glass of water, but dehydration can your trigger appetite by sending out hunger signals, when in reality, you are just plain thirsty! So, always keep a bottle of water handy and do not show laziness in fetching water to hydrate yourself.

6. All Celebrations Revolve Around Food: In cultures across the world, festivities and celebrations revolve around food. How can you even party without having “pizza” on the table? But avoid connecting every little celebration with food, and find other fun activities to celebrate.

7. You Always Seek a Place to Sit: We did mention about how leading a sedentary lifestyle can trigger metabolic syndrome, and of course it’s counted as the first five causes of obesity. Try to be on your feet as much as possible, opt for a standing work station, and get up from the couch every few minutes to keep the “fat-burning” process going.

8. Ready-To-Eat Stuff Has Replaced Regular Meals: Having homemade meals will ensure you are eating healthy food without toxic ingredients, but if you find “ready to eat” food convenient and time saving, let us remind you that they are mostly processed food with little nutrition and loads of calories – that’s the reason you are not losing weight.

9. You order Stuff Every Other Day: Just like “ready to eat” stuff, ordering food from apps is a convenient process, but most restaurants are notorious for having large portion sizes, using unhealthy ingredients, adding transfat, not to mention generous amount of cooking oil to make food appealing to customers – all the extra calories will add up and trigger weight gain. And if ordering food is a daily habit, it becomes a lot more difficult to get lean and drop weight.

10. Weekly Grocery Trips are Full of Packaged and Processed Foods: Do you come back with bags full of snacks, chips, processed, and ultra-processed foods? If yes, “Cross These Items Off Your Grocery List and Lose Weight.”

11. Do you Fret Too Much and Suffer From Chronic Stress? As we have mentioned in previous posts too, chronic stress is a major reason why people gain weight and are at a risk of metabolic disorders. But did you know it’s also one of the reasons why people are unable to shed any weight and also gain belly fat? Apart from lowering metabolism, the stress hormone “cortisol” increases appetite, cravings, and also directs the body to store fat around the belly region. The ability to burn fat also flattens out with increase in anxiety and stress. That’s why it becomes important to beat stress to successfully lose weight. In this post, we list out effective ways to keep stress under check to prevent putting on weight.

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