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12 Foods With Digestive Enzymes That Help With Weight Loss

We have been stressing the fact that eating nutrient-dense and healthy food in the right amount leads to  weight loss and not crash dieting where the lack of nutrition will actually stall the whole process. Our body needs vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein, etc. to function (for fat burning as well), and we get all of them through the food we eat. This food needs to be broken down into simple compounds before they can be absorbed by body cells and utilize them. The digestive system – starting from the mouth to the gut aids in breaking down and absorption of food and nutrients. In fact, it’s from the gut that nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. To run this whole process smoothly, digestive enzymes are absolutely necessary – from breaking down of food to extraction and absorption of nutrients. Digestive enzymes work hard to extract vitamins, protein, fat, and carbs from your food and add them to your bloodstream so that your body can use them up for energy, repair, and nourish. Digestive enzymes are produced in the pancreas and also the small intestine, and are essential for the sustenance of healthy gut microbiome. And as we all know, a healthy gut means better mental and physical health, and better chances of weight loss. And when we eat food rich in digestive enzymes – less chances of bloating, gas, and digestive issues as well. We have explained this process in detail here – “How Fermented Indian Food Can Help with Weight Loss.”
Digestive Enzymes That Help With Weight Loss

Three Main Digestive Enzymes That Break Down Food:

1. Protease – Breaks down protein.
2. Lipase – Breaks down fat
3. Amylase – Breaks down carbs into sugar molecules

Some enzymes that the small intestine makes are lactase, maltase and sucrase which breaks down dairy and different forms of sugar molecules.

So, when we are talking about weight loss, we should not ignore how important it is to be on a healthy and nutrient-dense weight loss diet such as Rati Beauty Diet, where you can shed extra pounds by eating right, not less. Also, here’s  a list of 12 Foods With Digestive Enzymes That Help with Weight Loss.

12 Foods With Digestive Enzymes:

1. Pineapple: This yummy fruit has an enzyme called “bromelain” which breaks down protein into amino acids, and that’s the reason why a lot of whey protein powders add bromelain so that the body can digest them better.

2. Yogurt/Curd: Rich in probiotics, it also has B-D-galactosidase that breaks down lactose to glucose and galactose.

3. Papaya:  Both raw and ripe papayas have the enzyme papain which breaks down proteins into amino acids.

4. Mango: The king of fruits has amylase that breaks carbs into glucose and maltose molecules.

5. Honey: You will hold that bottle of natural honey more dearly because it is a powerhouse of enzymes such as diastase, amylase, protease and invertase which helps break down protein and carbs.

6. Bananas: Rati Beauty diet does not shun out a nutrient-rich fruit like bananas. They also have amylase and glucosidases that breaks down carbs and starch.

7. Kefir: This is a probiotic-rich food and absolutely great for great health. It also has enzymes such as lipase, protease, and lactase that helps break down fat, protein, and lactose.

8. Kimchi: It’s also rich in probiotics and also digestive enzymes protease, lipase, and amylase that breaks down fat, protein, and carbs.

9. Kiwi: This low-calorie fruit also has actinidain that helps break down protein.

10. Ginger: When you are bloated or having digestive issues, having a bit of ginger juice eases the discomfort with its high amount of zingibain which breaks down protein.

11. Avocado: One more reason to eat avocado – along with healthy fats, it also has lipase,  which we know by now breaks down fat.

12. Apricots: Love apricots? Here’s one more reason to love them – they have invertase that converts sugar into fructose and glucose molecules.

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