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14 Tips To Get Rid of Bloated Tummy

Bloating can ruin your dreams of flaunting a flat tummy. None of us would like to strut around like a pufferfish with a bloated tummy. People get that dreaded bloat when there’s a build up of gas in the tummy and intestines, and there’s a tight and uncomfortable feeling as a result. For some people, fighting the bloat is an everyday struggle and the “stuffed up” feeling is not easy to get rid of. In this post, we list down effective tips to get rid of a bloated tummy.

Get Rid of Bloated Tummy

1. Make Lifestyle Changes: In order to have an bloat-free tummy, you must avoid getting constipated. For that, consume diet that’s high in fiber. Also, drink plenty of fluids along with 6-8 glasses of water a day. Get physically active, workout for around 40 minutes everyday, and try to be on your feet through the day.

2. Don’t Eat Too Fast: If you gulp down food, without chewing properly, it can cause excess swallowing up of air along with food and that would lead to bloating. When you eat slowly and chew your food really well, it prevents overeating also. This new habit of chewing food well and for longer will satisfy your taste buds and will improve your digestion too.

3. Limit Intake of Carbonated Drinks: Nowadays, carbonated drinks play a vital role in our lifestyle and some people prefer such aerated drinks over lemon water, detox water or fresh juices. The bubbles present in carbonated drinks (even diet cokes) can cause gas which gets trapped in our belly or even create a havoc on our digestive system. So, ditch the soda and sip on green tea.

4. Ditch Chewing Gums: If you are addicted to chewing gums, then stop this habit too. Chewing gums might look harmless, but if consumed in excess, can also lead to excess swallowing of air, which then causes bloating.

5. Limit Sugar Substitutes: Calorie-conscious people are now switching to artificially-sweetened food and sweeteners, but they can cause bloating and even diarrhea. It’s because our body is not really efficient at processing such sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners.

6. Consume Potassium-Rich Food: Foods rich in potassium like bananas, cantaloupe, spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, nuts, etc., contain nutrients that act well to flush out excess liquid of your body. Potassium-rich food is anyway good for our health, so you must include these in your diet.

7. Say Yes to Probiotics: Probiotic drinks contain good bacteria that can help reduce gas and acidity. In fact, probiotic supplements can have numerous other benefits, so they are definitely worth trying out. You can easily include yogurt in your diet as a probiotic. Otherwise, there are organic probiotic drinks available in the market that you can try.

8. Massage your Tummy to Soothe it: Try massaging your abdomen in the direction of your GI tract : press your fingers near your right hip, slide up towards the ribs, across and down near your colon in a circular motion. Quite funny, but it works.

9. Cut that Late Night Carb: Avoid eating bread, pasta and other carbohydrate-rich foods (that contain starches) as such foods cause you to retain water. Have your dinner before 8 PM and keep an hour or two gap between dinner and nap time.

10. Limit Sodium Intake: Processed foods in particular have high sodium content and they are also low in fiber. Pick products that contain low sodium or are sodium-free. Want a better option? Cut down processed food completely and use natural ingredients to cook food.

11. Consume Foods that Reduce Belly Bloating: Water, lemon, celery, watermelon, rosemary, turmeric, yogurt, peppermint would help fight the bloat.

12. Herbal Teas to Reduce Bloating: Herbal remedies, especially teas can help to bring down the bloat by relaxing muscles in the stomach, reducing inflammation, so that your tummy looks flatter. In this post, we have compiled 10 herbal teas that help to reduce bloating.

13. DIY Anti-Bloating Flavored Water: Check out this amazing recipe to make anti-bloating water that will also help with weight loss.

14. Sip on Coconut Water: Coconut water along with being loaded with nutrition also has potassium that fights against bloating caused after high-sodium foods. Potassium is naturally able to flush out sodium from the body.

Source: Makeupandbeauty

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