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Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar gets conferred with award of Trendsetter 2022 for his contribution to homeopathy

New Delhi [India], March 7 (ANI/Target Media): India is a country where homeopathy is considered to be a national medical system and the market is growing at a rate of 25 percent every year, with more than 100 million people relying completely on this form of therapy for their health care.

One name that beholds utmost value due to his outstanding oratory skills and a talent for motivational speaking in the field of Homeopathy is Dr Ambrish Vijayakar, the Managing Director of Predictive Homoeopathy.

He beholds a chain of 35 clinics and has excelled in the field of treating psychiatric and behavioral diseases, pediatrics, auto-immunity, cardiovascular and birth abnormalities, neurodevelopmental disorders, and many other critical conditions with a desire to disseminate hope and positivity among his patients.

Dr Ambrish Vijayakar has treated a variety of ailments in Vile Parle and Khar during the last 15 years. Every year, more than 150 doctors were trained under him, and the number continues to grow. Over 150 Homeopathy Colleges have invited him to come rouse understudies and show them the true and logical route of homeopathy.

The renowned doctor has created an impeccable aura among his students, having prepped more than 5000 students of Homoeopathy in the last five years. He has been approached by international schools in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Serbia, and Thailand to give courses on Predictive Homeopathy. As a result, his brand has made waves in the realm of homeopathic sciences.

Sharing his perspective towards the practice of Homeopathy in the country, Dr Ambrish Vijayakar exclaimed, “The notion of ‘like cures like,’ often known as the ‘law of similars,’ underpins homeopathy. Because it shares some of the key characteristics of indigenous old medicine, homeopathy is included under the umbrella department that is primarily aimed to establish and sustain Indian health systems. It has been recognized as one of the National Systems of Medicine and plays an important role in providing health care to a large number of people because it has blended so well into the country’s roots and traditions.”

Considering his work in the field of homeopathy, the award of Trendsetter 2022 will be conferred to Dr Ambrish at the hands of the honorable Governor of Maharashtra- Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari on February 24, 2022, at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai. It is done to honor, appreciate, and applaud Dr Ambrish’s success for his remarkable contribution to Homeopathy.

This medical prodigy was born into a family of famous medical specialists, and he began his journey with the intention of carrying on his father’s mission of reaching out and assisting the most underprivileged and diversely abled children. He wishes to help people who have mental retardation, autism, Down syndrome, physical retardation, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities. He was born on December 21st, 1980, and he has always wanted to learn about the marvelous science of homeopathy.

He received his early education at Mumbai’s Dadar Parsee Youth Assembly High School, and then went on to Kirti College of Sciences. Dr Ambrish was never one to take his education for granted. He received his Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine Surgery degree from Virar Homeopathic Medical College in Mumbai in 2004 as a result of his interest in homeopathic studies. In 2009, he completed his M.D. in the same field at Kshirsagar Homoeopathic Medical College in Beed, Aurangabad district.

Dr Ambrish drew inspiration from his surroundings as a child, growing up among notable medical professionals. Over the course of his academic years, he gained the precision required in the medical industry. Finally, in the year 2005, the man got down to business and put his skills to the test. His unwavering commitment and love for Homoeopathy have propelled him to prominence in the industry today.

For the past seven years, Dr Ambrish has been giving his Predictive Homeopathy address throughout Germany. His goals are to make Predictive Homeopathy the therapy of choice for the general public. He is a founding trustee of HRDF (Homoeopathic Research and Development Foundation), whose tagline is “Hope for the Hopeless,” and he has started this social media initiative for poor children with Predictive Homeopathy, which is funded by Dr Prafull Vijayakar.

Besides being a medical genius, Dr Ambrish Vijayakar feels that Homeopathic Medicine is the way of the future. He wants to turn Predictive Homeopathy into a global corporation, with an International Research Institute in India to give homeopathy the respect it deserves. He wants to create knowledge among people so that their trust in homeopathic doctors may make homeopathy a futuristic science, carrying on his father’s heritage of helping those in need. He aims to train as many homeopathic doctors as possible to become self-sufficient, educating them on the fundamental concepts of homeopathy in order to heal humanity’s ills.

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