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India celebrates Turkey Lover’s Month

New Delhi [India] June 28 (ANI/NewsVoir): Nature has provided us ample variety of sources of protein-both from plants and animals- but not all proteins are the same. It is very important to choose the right protein that will serve our body the most. Poultry that are bred on good nutrition are considered to be among the best proteins because of easy absorption. And among the lean meats, Turkey meat is at the top of the rank. Thus to remind us the best of proteins, the month of June is dedicated to Turkey and celebrated as #TurkeyLover’sMonth!

But what is so special about Turkey, you may ask?

As a basic building block of our body protein has always got maximum attention from the avid nutrition and fitness conscious. Considered a mandatory part of our meals, our body cannot store protein and thus must be replenished every day. Among the poultry meats, Turkey has a major advantage of low fat and negligible carbohydrate content. Did you know Turkey provides all nine essential amino acids which are needed by the human body for growth and repair? It also provides the very important B Vitamins and adds selenium, zinc, phosphorus and iron to the body.

Turkey is one great fowl that has been decorating the feasts of celebratory dinner and ceremonies since centuries! Native to America, it is a big bird, thus perfect for a huge family feast and to satisfy the hunger of a large gathering. History suggests the bird got its interesting name because of the incorrect identification when it was thought to have been brought via merchant ships from the Middle East. Turkey is recognizable by its snood, the pale red fleshy protuberance in its forehead. An aggressive bird, first domesticated by the Mexicans many centuries ago, Turkey is now a very popular poultry dish, highly adaptable and versatile.

Turkey meat can be relished as a daily fare and does not need to be restricted to bigger meals alone. Grilled, roasted, smoked, braised, seared-with Turkey all kinds of experiments of cooking and seasoning can be done to great effect. Turkey cooked with juices and herbs create a very tasty and nutritious meal. The meat’s texture is such that it absorbs flavours very nicely and can be relished as simple soup or sandwiches as well.

To mark the month let us maximize the inclusion of Turkey. The following recipe shared is one such to celebrate good health and cheer.


Preparation Time: 30 min

Cooking Time: 80 min

Serves: 4


– 1 kg Turkey meat

– 500 gms Basmati rice

– 50 gms Brown onions

– 200 gms Desi ghee

– 10 gms Cloves

– 10 gms Cinnamon sticks

– 10 gms Bay leaf

– 10 gms Green cardamom

– 100 ml Cream

– 250 gms Curd, beaten

– Salt to taste

– 10 gms Yellow chilli powder

– 15 gms Mace cardamom powder

– 50 gms Ginger garlic paste

– 5 ml Rose water

– 5 ml Kevda water (screw pine)

– 2 drops Sweet ittar

– 25 gms Green chilli, slitted

– 50 gms Mint leaves

– 50 gms Ginger julienne

– 5 gms Royal cumin seeds

– 25 ml Lemon juice

– 1/2 ltr Water

– 100 gms Whole wheat flour dough (for lining the lid)


1) Heat ghee in a copper vessel (lagan) and add the whole spices. When crackling starts add the turkey pieces and saute.

2) Add salt to the meat pieces.

3) Add ginger garlic paste and brown onions and saute again for a while. Add beaten curd and saute well until the oil separates.

4) Add yellow chilli powder and mace and cardamom powder. Add water and cook the biryani meat.

Boiling Rice

1) Wash, soak rice for 10 minutes. Boil water in a pan and add the whole spices, salt and lemon juice. Add the rice and cook till 2/3rd done.

2) Layer the cooked turkey meat with the boiled rice in a heavy bottom pan.

3) Add a mixture of ghee and cream.

4) Garnish with mint leaves, ginger juliennes, brown onions and saffron dissolved in water.

5) Line the lid with dough and seal the vessel. Put the vessel on an iron griddle and cook for 15 minutes.

U.S. Poultry-comprising of chicken, turkey, duck and eggs-not only tastes good but is also packed with health benefits. Throughout the world, USAPEEC members are recognized for offering high-quality poultry and poultry products. Food safety is the highest priority among USAPEEC member companies, U.S. Poultry is subject to stringent poultry inspection requirements enforced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) & amp; Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).


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