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Kritika Yadav CFP (USA) launches her first website to identify an undervalued stock

New Delhi [India], June 29 (ANI/SRV): Kritika Yadav, CFP USA, has launched her first website, Kritika Yadav is an Indian YouTuber and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who earned her certification in the United States.

In addition to being a CFP, she is an entrepreneur, an investor, and an educator. She also co-founded Market Maestroo Pvt. Ltd. is a website designed by Kritika to provide clients with a comprehensive picture of the activity of their investments. The website reflects the present Multibagger stocks in India, in which you get 2 multibagger stocks monthly.

This website’s unique selling point is that it updates all stock prices in real-time. Also, clients can get the benefit of getting the two best multibagger stocks on a monthly basis in each category, like mid-cap and small-cap. Clients must first register on the website in order to benefit from the website’s features.

The website lets clients know the treasury part of investing, which is less tricky and investors can create wealth. Kritika tries to create a monopoly on her website with her first platform to provide the latest data on stocks in which promoters are raising their stakes, stocks in which FIIs are buying and stocks in which stocks Mutual Funds are buying. If bought at the same time, ordinary investors can also create huge wealth with this data. Customers can take advantage of this treasury at

Kritika Yadav, CFP (USA), stated, “I’m beyond thrilled to launch my first website, with the goal of making the investing community for those who invest in stocks and mutual funds smarter and wealthier. I believe every rupee is an investment in the future one wants to create. With my website, investors may quickly learn which stocks FIIs are buying, as well as the best penny stocks, best small-cap stocks, and best mid-cap stocks. The best part is that all these will be updated in real-time and we will update two new stocks every month. So, investors must sign up on my website and test it at least once. My golden rule is always mastery in your investment to figure out diamonds in the sky with the help of Kritika top stocks”.

Kritika, a YouTube personality, began her career at the age of 21 when she began investing in several asset classes. She ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing Market Maestroo Pvt. Ltd. with Ankit, a wealth manager accredited in the United States, and can also make economic predictions. Kritika Yadav, CFP, began to broaden her horizons by launching the Kritika Yadav YouTube Channel, where she educates the audience on numerous financial topics and investing strategies.

Because the video courses are so straightforward and helpful, the YouTube channel quickly grew to over 600k followers. Kritika Yadav, CFP (USA), has a reasonable approach to investing, and she is constantly helping new and existing investors with mindful investment techniques through her YouTube videos. Throughout Kritika’s career, she was a bright student with degrees from prestigious universities in India, and she opted to pursue her potential.

Her determined attitude aided her in becoming a Certified Financial Planner from the FPSB (Financial Planning Standard Board), and She is the first woman from Chhattisgarh to hold such a title. She has devised the introduction of a website that can be relied on to register on the basis of her expertise in the study of stocks and investments.

Kritika Yadav, CFP (USA) with her monopoly-kind websitetries to provide the wings to those ordinary investors who want to fly high in Stock Market. You must check the best Multibagger at least once on her website “”

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