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Merlinwand revamps the art of storytelling: Offers customised storybooks for children where they can be the Hero of the story and decide its progress

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], September 3 (ANI/PNN): Merlinwand, a publishing startup founded to inculcate imagination, creativity, and cognitive growth, in children, through storytelling, has taken its offerings to a new level. The platform has changed the way stories are told in India through the provision of customised storybooks, wherein children can choose the hero of the story, give them a name, and make important decisions about how the stories progress. Each storyline is unique, and the decisions made by the children lead to vital changes in the story completely.

The idea behind creating a personalised story is that children may connect better with the story, and the reading experience will be more engaging and immersive. The company discards the traditional notion of the child as naive and unknowing. It advocates the view that the child is rational, curious, and can make important decisions for herself/himself.

All the stories and characters created by Merlinwand are gender-sensitive, non-discriminatory and convey moral ideas without preaching. They facilitate cognitive development through encouraging decision-making, and their illustrations and progression lines foster imagination and creativity. To add to all of this, their books like The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer, The Climate Ninja, The Music Band, The Tingling Finger and The Great Timbooktu Rescue are printed on the finest quality paper and are available at an affordable price of INR 1,499 onwards.

SudarshanVig, Co-Founder and CEO of Merlinwand, said, “As a company, we believe in the potential of the child. We noticed that with time, the reading was slowly taking a backseat, and as a group of ardent book lovers, we wanted to know why. We discovered that most of the books available are outdated and may convey ideas to children that are no longer relevant. Through customised story books, we wish to instill in children the habit of reading. Our books educate them on topics like gender and race sensitivity and environmental awareness in a fun and personalised way.”

The company plans to expand its footprint and venture into the US and UK markets. Merlinwand is also considering printing personalised books for grownups and corporate gifting.

Online publishing platform offering personalised books for kids turning them into their own heroes. Merlinwand is on a quest to help children don their thinking and creative hats and unleash their true potential in a world of information overload and ultra-high video consumption, and screen time.

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