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Quality education, low cost — Why aspiring doctors of small town India chose to study in Ukraine

Small town India’s aspiring doctors, now trapped in war zone: Why students chose Ukraine

Private contractors help many students from Tier 2 and 3 Indian cities get admission to quality medical colleges in Ukraine as they offer education at a much lower cost than in India, reports Sonal Matharu.

EU snubbed Pakistan Army chief’s request to join landmark meeting with Indo-Pacific in Paris

European Union diplomats stonewalled requests from Pakistan’s army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa to be invited for a conference on the Indo-Pacific region in Paris, as well as a one-on-one with EU Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell Fontelles, reports Praveen Swami.

How Neel Patel ‘conned’ Indians out of crores, with dreams of Atmanirbhar Bharat & a cheap iPhone

Neel Patel, 41, a son of Gujarat and an apparent American success story, seemed like a solid bet when he came to prominence on India’s Twitter scene in 2020. But then, he suddenly shut shop, refusing to return people’s money, report Ananya Bhardwaj, Regina Mihindukulasuriya and Rishika Sadam.

On Russia, PM Modi’s language isn’t too different from that of Nehru and India will pay costs

It’s hard to assess the impact on India if the West introduces secondary sanctions on banks and corporations in China that continue to trade with Russia, writes Praveen Swami.

Single Civil Services Exam outdated. UPSC holding separate exam for Indian Railways—good idea

Before the nationalisation of the railways in 1951, all constituent railway companies had their own methods of recruitment. Then why not now, writes Sanjeev Chopra.

Don’t trust the ‘superfood’ label. Here are five common foods to boost your health

Watch out for ‘superfood’ labelled packaged foods. It’s a brand new trend in the diet industry without any substantial evidence, writes Subhasree Ray.

Yogi’s cows, Modi’s houses, Akhilesh’s jobs: Why this is a more ‘normal’ Uttar Pradesh election

Caste is back, after 2014, 2017 and 2019. Joblessness is the new nationalism and religion. Too many poor people are hurting as they pay for cow protection, writes Shekhar Gupta.

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