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The Ultimate Guide with 15 Marketing Trends 2022 that you cannot afford to miss

As the New Year begins, it brings new opportunities for Businesses & Digital Marketers alike. 2021 was a game-changing year for all the Businesses due to COVID. The pandemic brought almost every Business online in some way.

So as a business owner or marketer, when you plan to develop specific strategies, you cannot afford to miss the below-listed Digital Marketing trends 2022.

This blog will explore some of the most influential trends that will continue to dominate Digital Marketing.
Let’s begin.

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Top 15 marketing trends that you cannot miss in 2022

Marketing trends 2022

Marketing trends 2022

Top 8 trends that you cannot miss in 2022

Video Marketing

Video marketing is considered one of the most potent mediums for marketing, short-video content took the world by storm in 2021. And given the popularity, this Social Media Marketing trend will continue in 2022.

Platforms like Youtube, Tiktok & Instagram will lead the way. Videos by influencers & user-generated content will dominate the niche. In addition, brands will use videos for more personalized branding & retargeting.


We have already seen the popularity of Metaverse. That’s why Brands like Facebook(or Meta) are going all-out in the field. With the rise of Metaverse, AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) will become the new norm.

Businesses will leverage these technologies to promote their services and product. Forget 2022; AR & VR are going to dominate the decade itself.

Voice Search Optimization

In recent years, virtual assistants like SIRI & Alexa have immensely popularized voice search. In fact, almost 50% of the general web search comes from Voice Search. This is why Brands will be focusing a lot on Voice Search Optimization.

Furthermore, as people tend to ask direct questions on voice search, it will become critical for a marketer to optimize the content accordingly.


Brands are already using AI-based Chatbots to engage their consumers. Chatbots offer businesses a unique advantage as they can communicate with thousands of visitors simultaneously, 24×7. They offer quick response, minimal investment & better results. This is why I believe Chatbots will be one of the top trends of 2022.

Personalized Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest ways to reach out to potential customers. But the rise & overuse of automated email tools have turned email marketing into the trash. As a result, people often avoid opening such cliché emails.
But Personalized Email marketing can change this.

As they offer a personal touch & target the receiver’s specific problem, the conversion probability is higher. This is why personalized email marketing will be in trend in 2022.

Influencer Marketing

2021 witnessed an unprecedented growth of Influencer marketing. With the exponential growth of Tiktok & Instagram, Influencer Marketing will lead the way in 2022.

It is expected that Influencer marketing will become a $15 billion industry at the end of 2022. So as a Digital Marketer, pay close attention to this trend in 2022.

Live Streaming

This unique format of digital marketing is rapidly gaining popularity. In the past year itself, it witnessed almost 3x growth. Livestreaming by brands connects the users comfortably & infuses them with confidence before making any purchase. This is why almost every major brand is betting big on Live Streaming in 2022.


The good old SEO is not going anywhere, no matter what some naysayers say! With featured snippets & other tools, SEO will be the lead traffic generator for all Businesses in 2022.

So as a marketer, focusing more on SEO will bring in more traffic for your client’s website, resulting in better growth opportunities.

Marketing trends 2022

Marketing trends 2022

Top 7 trends that you cannot miss in 2022

Mobile Optimization

As mobile devices’ penetration in our lives continues to grow, Mobile optimization will be a crucial focus for Digital Marketers in 2022. Around 50% of global traffic comes from mobile devices. Moreover, almost 80% of marketers that invested in Mobile optimization in 2021 say they will continue to do so.

So no matter what Business you are in or what you are selling, Mobile optimization will play a leading role.

Branded Content

Staying on the screen constantly takes a toll on everyone. That’s the reason why podcasts & other audio content are slowly getting popular. People want to consume such content as it offers more flexibility.

So in 2022, the Brands will leverage the rising popularity of Audio Content. They will invest more in Branded audio Content for Marketing.

Conversational Marketing

One-sided marketing will lose its steam in 2022. People are already tired of hearing how amazing your products or services are. Instead, they want to know actual stories where brands helped their client.

So Conversational Marketing or storytelling will become extremely important in 2022. The time to decorate services & products with classy words is over. Instead, it’s time to share the real-life use of your services.

Zero-click search

When you search for something on Google, you might have observed a paragraph with an image alongside that answers your question. This box is known as Position Zero in the SEO circle. The information contains all your answers, so you don’t have to click the link to open it, hence the name!

So tweaking your website so that it offers this sort of results will become very popular in 2022.

Page Speed speed optimization

This old tried & tested trend will continue in 2022. As the websites become more complex & competition gets tough, websites will have to load faster to maintain traffic. A delay of even a second or two will cost you dearly as the user will bounce off to another website.

So Page speed optimization will be critical.

User-generated Content

User-generated content is the latest trend that Businesses are eyeing to monetize. This is why User-generated Content is going to experience immense popularity amongst marketers.

Inclusive Marketing

This is not about showing people from different communities on your website. It’s an actual thing. As people are becoming more aware of the topic, brands will have to work on a model that will be suitable for all.

Final thoughts

The year 2022 will change a lot the way Brands perform Marketing. There will be some fundamental changes in the Digital Marketing world. I hope this list of future marketing trends will help you devise your Digital Marketing strategies for 2022 in a much more efficient way.


Is SEO dead in 2022?

No, I don’t believe so. Instead, it will be the core of every Digital Marketing strategy.

Will Voice search pick up the pace in 2022?

Yes, it’s already popular & will become more prevalent in 2022.

Is it the right time to start focusing on Audio Content?

Yes, people will be looking for Branded audio content in 2022. So it’s the right time to focus on Audio Content.

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