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Off for the Thanksgiving Break? Take Fantastic Forex Friend Along!

Take a break without worrying about outward remittance. With your Fantastic Forex Friend, you won’t be stuck without money anywhere

Thanksgiving Break

One of the best parts about studying abroad, especially in the US, are the long study breaks in between. Thanksgiving is one of the most recognised international holidays. Students get almost a week’s worth of holidays to celebrate this event. It is the perfect time to get away on short trips and have new adventures. Though money may not be a problem for everyone, worrying needlessly about the US Dollar rate and other trivialities such as forex money transfer may play spoilsport and ruin the holiday cheer.

With the right outward remittance service, international money transfer is as easy as a few clicks on your computer or smartphone. Outward remittance is more convenient with Thomas Cook’s online transfer facility, which lets you make money transfers from anywhere. So, let your hair down and concentrate on your holiday. Let Thomas Cook help you enjoy your holidays as they should be enjoyed, carefree. But what is it about Thomas Cook that makes forex so simple and hassle-free?

Thomas Cook Blog

Thomas Cook: Experience counts

Thomas Cook has been dealing with forex for many decades now and offers you the opportunity to get a fair exchange rate for your money. Outward remittance is just one of the forex services it offers besides inward remittance, buying and selling foreign exchange, and a range of prepaid currency cards. It is your Fantastic Forex Friend while you study abroad. So, whether you’re paying your tuition fees or are headed for your very first Thanksgiving Holiday, Thomas Cook will be there at every step of the way, right from the beginning.

  1. Choose your currency
    • Get the freedom to choose your foreign currency from a wide range offered by Thomas Cook.
  2. Fill all the details
    • State the purpose of the transfer and fill in the details of the receiving party. A necessary step to ensure that the money reaches the right person.
  3. Online transfer
    • Transfer the amount you intend to send through a debit card, credit card or Net Banking. No cash or cheque needed.
  4. Get confirmation
    • Get the confirmation once the other party receives the money.

Advantages of using Thomas Cook forex

Timely payments of tuition fees, rent and utilities is crucial to ensure that you give your complete, undivided attention to your studies. With Thomas Cook’s trusted forex service, you can be assured of receiving your money on time, every time.

  1. It enables you to track your forex transactions online and check its status by logging in from anywhere in the world.
  2. It ensures fair and stable currency exchange rates for your forex needs.
  3. It allows you to lock a currency at a certain exchange rate to safeguard you from fluctuations.
  4. Thomas Cook ensures hassle-free forex transactions with a large network of trusted money service agents all around the world.

Have you packed your bags for your Thanksgiving break? Nothing is better than the convenience of #gharpeforex, especially in these times of social distancing.

Source: Thomas Cook India

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