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Your Money Crosses Oceans with Fantastic Forex Friend

When you need to send money abroad, Fantastic Forex Friend keeps it simple with an easy international money transfer online

outward foreign remittance

Money can be a sensitive topic, especially when sending money to a loved one who is studying or holidaying abroad. There are so many factors to consider such as transaction fees, exchange rate, and the time taken to complete the transaction. These are important considerations when sending outward remittance from India. But with Thomas Cook, you can make an international money transfer online and track it until it reaches the intended party. And with stable currency exchange rates, you don’t have to worry about the USD INR rate either.

Does the exchange rate play a part in your choice of a forex money transfer service? It should. But there’s more to forex than just the currency rates. For example, does your forex service provider offer you the convenience of an online money transfer? Do they maintain complete transparency? Do you get your forex home delivered? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. And if the answer to these questions is “No,” it is time for a change.

What is the Foreign Exchange Market?

Thomas Cook ticks all the boxes

If you have a child studying abroad, you must know how difficult it may get to send money abroad. Thomas Cook offers a range of forex and related services that make sending money overseas easier. One of the most popular forex services is outward remittance, which is used mostly by parents of students studying abroad. It is a safe and convenient avenue for parents to send money for taking care of major expenses like college fees, house rent and utility bills. What makes Thomas Cook’s forex offerings so special?

It gives you a wide range of choices, when it comes to currency selection, as it deals in all the major currencies. Choose the foreign currency you want to remit outwards. The next step would be to provide all the relevant details of the person who’ll receive the money, along with the purpose of the money transfer. Then you pay the amount you want to send online, through a bank transfer or with a debit or credit card. That’s it. When the money reaches its destination, you get a confirmation message.

Hassle-free overseas money transfer

In these connected times, you don’t have to worry about sending money abroad. With Thomas Cook’s forex service, you are in control at every stage of the transfer. From locking favourable currency rates with pre-booking, to following the transfer to its destination, you are always in the loop. No more complaints about exorbitant exchange rates. Thomas Cook offers you fair currency rates so that you get value for your hard-earned money. At the other end, the receiver can either receive the money into their account or collect it from a trusted money service agent anywhere in the world. Thus, Thomas Cook simplifies forex transfers by ensuring safety, transparency, and convenience at both ends.

When your loved ones cross oceans for a well-deserved holiday or for higher studies, you can ensure that they lack for nothing with our #gharpeforex.

Source: Thomas Cook India

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