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Learn C programming Online Free

Whether you are looking to develop your skills as a software developer or you just started programming because of your interest in it, then C is the programming language that you can start learning first. Though there are various languages available in the market to learn, but C programming language has its benefits. C programming language can help you develop your skills throughout your professional career as it will work as a stepping stone towards learning other programming languages. From microcontrollers to the operating system, everything is written in the C programming language because of its flexibility and versatility. 

  • What is C Programming Language?
  • Features of C Programming Language
  • Applications of the C programming language
  • Advantages of learning C programming language

What is C Programming Language?

C is a Procedural Programming Language that was developed between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie. The main reason for its development is to write an operating system. There are various features of the C language which make it beneficial to learn such as its low-level access to the storage, clean style and syntax for programming, and the simple keywords available to use. These features make the use of C programming very efficient for system programming or the development of Compilers.

There are several benefits that you can get from learning the C language. And the most important benefit of all is that the language is recognized worldwide and used for the development of applications, software, and operating systems. Learning C is very useful when we look from a career perspective. 

Some Useful Features of C Programming Language:

  • Fast Execution: C language is fast in execution as compared to other programming languages. It doesn’t have additional overheads such as memory leak prevention or garbage collection, etc. So, the execution time it takes is very less.
  • Middle-level Language: C language provides a layer between low-level and high-level programming languages and works as a middle-level programming language. C language can be used to write operating systems and for application development. As it is a middle-level language, it reduces the complexity of high-level language and the gap between low-level and high-level programming languages. 
  • Compatibility: C language is compatible with all operating systems. And any operating system can be used to write C programs. Its compatibility enhances its use on various platforms. 
  • Support of Libraries: C provides a little number of libraries as compared to other programming languages. As it provides only a few libraries, learning becomes easy. Other programming languages have a large number of libraries and it is difficult to learn all the libraries, so C programming is easy to learn as it only has a little number of libraries. 
  • Inbuilt functions and operators: C programming language provides several inbuilt functions and operators that can be used in our programs. These functions are very useful in solving all kinds of complex problems in programming. 

What are the Applications of the C programming language?

There are various applications of the C programming language. Out of all, there are some important and useful applications we are going to discuss in this section.

We will see the applications of C programming language across industries and for individual purposes:

  • To develop system applications
  • For the development of desktop applications
  • To develop compilers 
  • C is also useful in embedded systems
  • C language is very useful for the development of browser applications and their extensions
  • To develop databases such as MySQL
  • For the development of Operating Systems
  • For Game Development
  • The majority of Adobe applications are developed by C language

Advantages of learning C programming language: Learning C programming as your first programming language is very helpful for anyone. It will create a base to learn other programming languages too. Let us see some advantages of Learning the C programming language below: 

  • It works as a stepping stone to learn other programming languages: C programming language will help you start your programmer career and it will help you to learn other programming languages easily. When you will start learning C, you will develop the understanding of working behind the programming languages and it will help you a lot in learning other programming languages too.
  • It helps to understand how a computer works: C programming language can be used to develop operating systems and it will help you to understand how a computer works, its architectures, and other concepts of programming. C programming language lets you write complex programs that will help you learn how to write efficient code than other programming languages. 
  • Learning C helps you to interface with other programming languages: The other programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and C++ can be interfaced with the C programming language easily as they are high-level languages. So it becomes easy to interface other programming languages with C. The program written in the C programming language can be executed on another computer which makes it very useful.
  • Learning C is easier than other languages: Various languages are related to C programming and learning the C language will help you to easily learn other programming languages. Some languages have the same syntax, operators, data types, and functions as of C language. 
  • It helps to work on open-source projects: Aside from other applications of the C programming language, it can be used for open-source projects. Working on open-source projects will help you enhance your knowledge of the C language. There are many open-source projects based on the C programming language in which you can make your contribution that will help other programmers to learn worldwide.
  • C programming language is efficient for learning: C programming language provides 32 keywords, built-in functions, and operators which are very useful in writing the code. Also, the C programming language contains pre-built libraries that can be used in our programming and these libraries save our time and code complexity. These attributes contribute to making C more efficient and simple to start programming.

Career Options in C programming:

C language can be easy to learn, but to become an expert in the C language and to build a successful career in this language, you must master this language. The primary use of C programming is to develop applications, network drivers, and operating systems. Although there are various programming languages available in the market, the C programming language is still in demand. There are a lot of opportunities to make a successful career in this programming language. 

How to start learning the C programming language for free:

  1. Get Enrolled in our Learn C Programming Online Free Course offered by Great Learning Academy: Great Learning Academy provides C programming courses for free. You can enroll in that course and start learning. The course will cover all the concepts of the C programming language. The motive of the course is to help you understand the concepts of the C programming language.
  2. Enhance your knowledge by Self Study: Self Study is the best way to learn anything. And to increase your knowledge in C programming, you should start learning it by yourself. You can find resources online on the internet and also you can create notes from the Great Learning Course on C programming. It will help you learn more about C programming.
  3. Implement your learnings: To learn something effectively, it is vital to apply the concepts practically. The concepts that you have learned in the course, you need to apply practically to get hands-on experience with this language. It is the best way to learn the working of C programming language. 
  4. Practice your skills in programming: To learn programming effectively and efficiently, you need to practice your coding skills. There are many ways that you can practice your skills such as by working on open-source projects, by working on your projects and creating interesting applications which are easy to develop. Another way to practice in C programming is to help others who are facing difficulty in C programming. You can submit your solutions to problems in C language on the internet. 

It is recommended that, after you have learned all the concepts in C programming, you have to take further steps in your learnings. You can choose another language that seems similar to C to take your learnings to the next level. C programming language works as a base programming language for various languages such as C++, Java, etc. It will help you to develop your career in programming. 

Learning C programming is easy because all the basic commands that you write in your code are in English. Great Learning Provides a free live course of C programming language that is also beneficial for your exams if you are a student of Computer Science. 

If you are interested in learning the C programming language then you can start with our free course offered by Great Learning Academy Computer Programing . After the successful enrolment in this course, you will get notifications of the classes that will be held online. The benefit of enrolling in this course is that this is a live course in which the tutor will teach you to live and you can ask any of your doubts or questions at that time. Also, you will get the recording of the missed classes and practice questions. Overall it will help you develop your career in Programming. 

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