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Indian e-tailer Firstcry’s parent files to go public

BENGALURU (Reuters) – Indian online retailer Firstcry filed for an initial public offering on Thursday, its draft papers showed.Firstcry’s parent Brainbees Solutions will sell...

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Indian elections have evolved a lot like arranged marriages. Technology is the disruptor

Indian elections have evolved a lot like Indian arranged marriages. Family or village elders, puffing on the communal hookah, no longer seal the fate...

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Zinc for women: The health benefits you need to know of this nutrient

Protein for hair and body composition, vitamin C for skin health and vitamin D for bone health, but what about zinc? There are ‘n’...

Does your acne get worse in summer? You’re not alone 

Summer is here! Time to enjoy those cold beverages and get your cute crop tops, skirts and comfy T-shirts out of the bed cabinets. ...

World Liver Day: Avoid These Habits for a Healthier Liver

When you are on the lookout for a friend, be sure you look inside. Your organs are your friends who work tirelessly to help...

Effect of alcohol consumption on weight loss journey

Picture this. You’re on a diet, you have cut out junk, processed, oily food, and basically every type of food that can ruin your...

Health tips for expecting mothers

Taking care of your baby cannot be done without taking care of yourself. Dear expecting mothers, this is your cue to take command of...
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Further, Justice Kureshi addressed areas in the judiciary that demand improvement. Specifically, he referred to the Collegium system and why revealing reasons for rejecting...





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