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Agency Feature: BTG

Who are we?

We at BTG are the founders of a little content studio that could. A living room passion project that grew into a full-blown global production house. We are thinkers, designers, and storytellers and at heart, we’re just movie buffs. We exist to create a narrative, one that talks back. As a brand you don’t have to choose between purpose and profit, you can do both – and we’re here to design it for you, end-to-end. 

We design smarter ways to use simple things, and simpler ways to use smart things.

What’s in the name? 

One of the three co-founders, Danisha, is a very “punny” person. She is quick-witted and out of the box. BTG came about when spitballing with her and it just stuck with us. We churn out content “by the gram” – that’s just what we do. Now we’ve got hashtags for our work such as #shotbythegram etc. Although we usually go by “BTG” now since we have forayed beyond just the gram & social – most of our work credits us with ‘BTG’ or ‘BTG FILMS’.

What we do? 

In the four years since the company’s inception, BTG has redesigned content solutions for mammoth brands like Netflix, Dharma, Bumble, and Bira. Word spread quickly, and the industry took a liking to BTG. We were moving brands away from traditional advertising solutions and age-old formats, to a strategy-driven content solution living on the intersection of creativity and tech. 

In short, we help brands deal with who they are, i.e their identity, and we develop their content end-to-end. Our forte lies in storytelling and developing content. 

Why we do it? 

In 2018, the Goliaths of the advertising industry met their David: Social. And everything changed. Social was in a way, a great equaliser – a brand’s leanest solution to avoiding big budgets and months of billable creative hours to a mammoth agency that doesn’t have the time or personalised focus. 

That’s when the idea struck to launch BTG. We realized there was a niche to fill. As industry insiders will tell you without hesitation, the advertising game has completely changed in India / SEA. It has paved way for new creative agencies like ours to stand their ground and garner loyal clients. 

We founded BTG in 2018, to tackle the needs of new-age brands who want to stay relevant and on top of conversations with real people, not just stranger “consumers”. Brands who want to supersede long-standing misconceptions that we are catering to “audiences” and not communities. We kept our focus niche. A frequently puzzling and frustrating aspect of the age-old agency culture is the “objective”, and often speculative, nature of the “creative brief”. We are big believers in big ideas being born from gut feelings and human insights. 

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How we evolve? 

We have and will always be fixated on building a work culture that our team can be proud to be a part of – according to us this is a pivotal step in ensuring a ‘future-proof’ creative agency today. We like being the agency that evolves as fast as brands do. 

Social responsibility in social media 

NA (We do not do social media management or ad/performance marketing etc).

Need of the hour 

Our every day is about engaging brands in a dialogue between innovation and human design.  A forever advocate of first impressionism, we bring to the table the importance of establishing the initial conversation between brand and community, as it will forever colour the connection between the two.

We learned the hard way 

We usually stick to two things – Be fluid, so you can be future-proof. 

Be bored often so you can ideate. 

Did we just share that? 

At the end of one of our biggest pitches yet (to a large movie studio and OTT platform in India), the CEO who was a middle-aged male sat at the head of a long boardroom table, asked our creative team of 6: “Hmmm, are there no men on your team?”. We were quick to retort “Oh we have men in the team…they just don’t sit at the top”. 

They work with us 

Our business works to inspire and enable clients, to envision content in new formats. BTG has become unclassified in a cluttered agency landscape. With a loyal and heavy-duty clientele, stretching across entertainment, media and fashion giants, BTG has added to their corner (with great fierceness) the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Bumble, Bira, Tiger Baby Films, Dharma Productions, Satya Paul, Nykaa to name a few.

Industry as we foresee 

With the exponential growth of technology bearers and connectivity reaching every nook and cranny of rural tier 3 India (and beyond), we are expecting never before seen viewership of video content (short & long format). Access to information will be faster than ever before allowing for a wider reach from brands directly to consumers, directly impacting the scale of e-commerce in a 1.6 billion people nation.

A day without Internet 

Ah… Peace and quiet, is that you?

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are always hiring! Email us your resume & a cover letter (be as detailed as you can!) on 

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