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Boddess Launch Campaign #IAmMany Celebrates

The campaign will consist of digital advertising & OTT in its first phase and will be then extended to billboards and print in subsequent months.

Buoyed by encouraging response from Indian beauty & wellness conscious customers, Boddess, the multi beauty tech and wellness platform has launched its first brand campaign ‘I AM MANY’. Conceptualised by Saatchi & Saatchi, the campaign is aimed at engaging with beauty & wellness enthusiasts and inspiring them to embrace diverse personas and celebrating it through beauty as a medium. The campaign will consist of digital advertising & OTT in its first phase and will be then extended to billboards and print in subsequent months.

Styled as a soft pop music video, the commercial features Bhumi Pednekar in never seen before avatars, highlighting how beauty has the power to transform and transcend the way one feels. The commercial encourages women to embrace all versions of themselves and be proud of it. This fresh and dynamic film focuses on reminding society and women themselves that they can embody many roles at once, without having to apologise for it, and pushes back against society’s propensity to pigeonhole them into one role or the other without allowing for overlap.

“I Am Many” is a cultural opportunity. It’s about believing in living many lives within one lifetime, with an insatiable hunger to discover and experience it all. Increasingly “No” is being replaced with “Not Yet” in one’s dictionary. No longer is one sceptical to tread into unfamiliar territories and experience diversity.

This thought holds true to the Beauty industry wherein one flirts compulsively. The insatiable hunger to explore, has given rise to an explosion of discovering all that the beauty world has to offer. Channelling the brand’s core philosophy, fearlessness, inclusivity and optimism, the campaign encourages women to embrace all parts of themselves and be proud of their avatars.

In the Brand Film, Bhumi is seen in contrasting set-ups and avatars: Ranging from whimsical to surreal, she is a Princess, A Boss Lady, A Diva and many more. The mood, while light hearted and fun, delivers the message of ‘WHY BE ONE, WHEN YOU CAN BE MANY’ in a way that it is tongue and cheek and enticing.

Ritika Sharma, Founder and CEO, House of Beauty, said, “We are delighted to announce our first ever digital campaign ‘I AM MANY’, especially because it beholds the central tenet of the brand. The driving force of Boddess is the inspiration of building a community that encourages empowered womanhood. Through this campaign, we aim at disintegrating the ‘you can be either this or that’ narrative and we will be focusing on celebrating different versions of oneself. At Boddess we aim to inspire one to explore, be creative and flirt with beauty every day. Within this concept of diversity in individuality, the campaign envisions to create an impact through disruptive storytelling and engage effectively with customers”.

Bhumi Pednekar, Brand ambassador and Beauty collaborator, Boddess, said, “I think women are powerful and beautifully complex and ‘I AM MANY’ is a great campaign to showcase this idea. It’s nothing new that we as women are expected to go along with fixed parameters and anything beyond

that is considered problematic. As a public figure it’s easy for my audience to perceive me as just a celebrity with flawless hair and makeup at all times. However, there’s a side to me that’s vulnerable and real which spills into the different roles I play in life. That of a sister, a daughter, a friend and a citizen of the world. I think being different is what makes one special and that is why I connected deeply with the concept of this campaign. I hope our message to embrace the diversity within us resonates with our wonderful audience”

Source: Business World

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