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Lowsoot Launches “Carbonalytics”

Lowsoot is the first Indian startup that helps businesses as well as individuals to measure and erase their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.

Lowsoot, India’s leading environmental startup company has launched “Carbonalytics” to help businesses calculate and erase their carbon footprint using data. Carbonalytics makes it easy to track, reduce & neutralise the businesses. Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 Carbon Emissions.

Lowsoot is at the forefront of “Net-Zero Revolution” using the power of DIGITAL to eliminate carbon emissions. Lowsoot is the first Indian startup that helps businesses as well as individuals to measure and erase their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.

With this in mind Lowsoot has launched Carbonalytics, a modular sustainability platform that’s flexible to all businesses. Through this, the startup gives businesses the tools businesses need to take themselves to net-zero carbon emissions.

Currently the startup is focusing on 3 kinds of businesses emissions:

1. Corporate Businesses: It helps to track and erase the business carbon footprint, and plan the net zero strategy for companies operating out of headquarter or corporate office. 2. Ancillary Businesses: It can track sustainability metrics across ancillary companies. It can collect external data across subsidiary companies and portfolio and use that data to generate critical sustainable reporting on the sustainability metrics of the ancillary businesses. This is perfect for investment portfolios, suppliers, partners and many more. 3. Supply Chain: Carbonalytics can track emissions across the supply chain and plans a net-zero strategy for operation intensive businesses. It tracks and reports the carbon emissions of the goods and products across complex supply chains.

Carbonalytics has unparallel benefits for a business aspiring to be Net-Zero for businesses. While these challenges may be daunting to begin with, in terms of quantifying the impact of your business on environment and quantifying the efforts that businesses are taking to become planet friendly. And that is where Carbonalytics can help.

With carbonalytics, businesses can potentially increase their gross margin by upto 20% by bringing in many efficienciesto achieve Net-Zero. Carbonalytics helps in the increasing profitability, increasing sustainability, building reputation, attracting investment and security of the businesses.

Lowsoot helps individuals track and erase their daily carbon footprint as well. In its endeavour to accelerate the world towards net-zero eBikeGo is also supporting Lowsoot. It would create a platform for tracking and eradicating carbon emissions by investing in carbon-reduction projects. The startup has helped save 5616 tonnes of CO2 as of today.

“We are extremely pleased to launch this unique platform “Carbonalytics”. This platform will not only help the businesses to become truly sustainable in a data driven manner but will also push the topline of the businesses as and when businesses implement strategies to take their businesses to NET ZERO” said Sachin Sengar, Founder & CEO of Lowsoot

Source: Business World

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