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Perfora Eyes $1mn Revenue By Mar”23

The bootstrapped company is working with partners in India and China for manufacturing its products as per its specifications.

Homegrown healthcare startup Perfora is keen to “elevate” everyday oral care for Indians with its lineup of products, and aims to log annual revenue of USD 1 million by March 2023, its co-founder Jatan Bawa said.

Perfora – founded by former Vadham Teas executive Jatan Bawa and ex-OYO executive Tushar Khurana – commenced operations in January this year and introduced its first product, an electric toothbrush, last month.

“As a young brand, our primary focus is on creating an experience for the consumers and helping them make well-informed decisions when it comes to oral care. In the last 12 months, consumers have become extremely conscious about health and wellness and are willing to upgrade their consumption choices across products including oral care,” Bawa told PTI.

He added that the founders strongly felt there was a need to create a functional and design-led oral care brand, so that consumers start making well informed decisions.

“In the next six months, we plan to have a holistic portfolio of oral care products to cater to a wider audience. We plan to introduce a morning and a night toothpaste, specifically designed to meet the brushing needs. The morning toothpaste will focus on anti-cavity and freshening functionality whereas the night toothpaste will focus on whitening,” Bawa said.

He added that Perfora will also introduce a couple of probiotic fortified and alcohol-free mouthwash as well as a smart flosser. By March 2023, the company plans to achieve a annual revenue rate of USD 1 million.

The bootstrapped company is working with partners in India and China for manufacturing its products as per its specifications.

“For us, it is extremely important to develop the right product so that we are able to provide a significantly better solution. When it comes to manufacturing and product development, we undertake in-depth research and speak with companies globally, to leverage the right technology that enables us in building great products. Over the next 6 months, we shall be spending around Rs 2 million in developing our products,” Bawa said.

The company will be a “digital-first brand” and focus on leveraging digital channel for marketing and sales. Currently, its product is available on its own website and availability will be extended to other e-commerce platforms in the coming weeks.

Asked about competition from market leader Oral-B and new entrants like Xiaomi and Realme, Bawa said Perfora plans to create solid differentiation through design and communication.

Bawa said as per its current statistics, less than 1 million people in India use an electric toothbrush, and the primary reasons for this is lack of awareness, distribution/availability and price point.

“To start with, our objective is to drive awareness among people on the utility of an electric toothbrush and how it adds value and to create an aspiration for well designed products. We feel, not a single brand in India so far has really focussed on educating the consumers around the benefits of using an electric toothbrush whereas in western countries, electric toothbrushes have become the default option,” he added. 


Source: Business World

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