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QurHealth Launches QurOne

QurHealth has served more than 26000 customers through it’s Qurbook app and had more than 2500 QurOne program subscriptions so far.

Underlying its commitment to ensuring individuals remain healthy and have easy access to quality healthcare, QurHealth, a healthcare data management startup, has announced the launch of QurOne – India’s 1st value-based patient healthcare concierge program guaranteeing medical expertise at the fingertips. QurHealth has served more than 26000 customers through it’s Qurbook app and had more than 2500 QurOne program subscriptions so far.

QurHealth is on a mission to offer cutting-edge healthcare IT solutions rooted in knowledge and innovative technologies such as Analytics, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to ensure better healthcare for the patients. With the launch of QurOne, the platform aims to pave the way for a new beginning of healthcare in the country, promoting seamless patient care and hyper-coordinated workflow.

Leveraging QurOne’s offerings, patients can consult with doctors they trust, monitor their health, learn about any comorbidities and symptoms, stick to healthy diet plans as per their requirements, and get real-time updates – all from the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, healthcare providers can use QurOne to diagnose patients, understand comorbidities, explain care plans, prescribe medication, provide medical assistance, schedule appointments, and chart diet regimens in order to treat their patients back to health swiftly.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Ravi Kunduru, Founder and CEO of QurHealth, said, “We are elated with the latest addition in QurHealth’s remarkable journey. To ramp up infrastructure and provide patients with best-in-class services amid this global war against COVID-19, we launched QurOne, India’s 1st patient care concierge program, which was offered as part of our corporate social responsibility to COVID-19 hospitals and patients. QurHealth has been committed to understanding patients’ requirements and enabling them to avail optimum care to help them get better since its inception. Through QurOne, we effectively served 600+ patients over seven weeks. Our goal is to emerge as a safe and trusted option for patients and their families looking to receive personalized care, online and in-person, to save lives super proactively. We hope to serve 100 million patients as a secure and trustworthy care concierge firm while also establishing 1 million providers and healthcare professionals over the next five years.”

Source: Business World

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