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TiE Announces TSS Social Enterprise Awards

TiE has conceptualized the maiden TSS Social Enterprise Awards, and is the process of shortlisting the first set of social enterprises to be awarded.

TiE announced TSS Social Enterprise Awards to recognize social enterprises who are creating a deep and tangible impact on society, communities, animals, nature and planet through innovative business processes and technologies while pursuing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined by United Nations including affordable and clean energy, agriculture, clean water and sanitation, climate change, education, healthcare, life on land, life under water, livelihoods, poverty among others.

TiE, Hyderabad in collaboration with social impact funds, country partners, development funds, and the government intends to launch a $200 million to $300 million social impact fund. As a part of this initiative, TiE has conceptualized the maiden TSS Social Enterprise Awards, and is the process of shortlisting the first set of social enterprises to be awarded. The social impact fund shall be used to help the most suitable social enterprises scale their business, enhance their products, attract skilled talent, access new markets. The funds will be allocated based on the merit of the social enterprise business model and ability to bring the desired social change.

The TSS Social Enterprise Awards, hosted by TiE, Hyderabad are brought forth by TiE Global, a nonprofit organization devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries. There are currently 15,000 members in 61 chapters across 14 countries.

The awards will be presented to the global winners during the TiE Sustainability Summit being held between Oct 4 and 6, 2021 through a virtual platform and attended by 25,000 Social Enterprises from 50+ Countries.

Praveen Tailam, Chairman of the TiE Global Board of Trustees said, “Social enterprises have emerged as the agents of change, and are addressing the most critical issues faced by the world – whether it is climate change or social issues, they have been solving them tirelessly through innovative technologies and processes. The TSS Social Enterprise Awards are aimed at recognizing their contribution to the planet but also support them through our mentoring ecosystem, help them gain access to impact investors, mentors, and global markets.”

The award winners will qualify to access the TiE Global network comprising of social impact investors, mentors, advisors, strategic guidance to accelerate their growth, global market expansion, connects with industry, academia, thought leaders and policy makers

Manohar Reddy, TSS Global Chair and President TiE Hyderabad said, “We are proud to have launched this initiative to recognize the thankless work by social enterprises and entrepreneurs who work towards betterment of society, build innovative technology solutions, tread on unchartered path to solve the societal problems such as healthcare, water, livelihoods, poverty, education, agriculture etc. The TSS Social Enterprise Awards winners will the future leaders of the country in the social impact space.”

Source: Business World

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