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TOSB launches startup advisory

The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau (TOSB), a division of Genesis BCW, recently announced the launch of advisory services for startups to help them navigate the complexities of doing business in the new normal. TOSB has been in the business of connecting leading global minds with organizations and individuals for their learning, advocacy and advisory needs. With the launch of this service, the company is taking forward their mission of connecting people and sparking new ideas with special focus on the Indian start-up ecosystem.

Some of the leading names in their network include mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik, digital transformation expert Jaspreet Bindra, inclusion & diversity coach Shruti Swaroop, public policy consultant Deepak Maheshwari, brand strategist Ambi Parmeswaran, international communication coach Ajit Sharma, General VP Malik, and business leaders such as Naina Lal Kidwai (Past President, FICCI), Ravi Venkatesan (Former Chairman, Microsoft India), Monce C Abraham (Director, THEV Consulting), Gurcharan Das (Former VP and MD, P&> Worldwide), Raghav Bahl (Founder, Quint), Sangeeta Prasad (Member, Mahindra Group Executive Board), Sumit Chowdhury (Founder, GAIA Smart Cities) and Aakanksha Bhargava (CEO, P.M. Relocations).

The network will offer valuable advice to startups in areas such as capital raising and funding, talent management, business management, creating partnerships, technical know-how, go-to-market strategies, public policy, operations and scaling up, and other strategic areas. Shreya Pilani, Business Leader, The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau, said, “Advisory boards are an invaluable asset for startups, providing high-level insights and advice in areas such as product strategy, capital raising, scaling up, data privacy, fostering partnerships and much more. Regardless of which stage your startup is in, we can help you identify when to and what kind of advisors to bring on board.”

In this endeavor, TOSB will be working closely with “Step Up” – a specialized division of Genesis BCW, which focuses on building impactful communication campaigns for startups, entrepreneurs and investor networks. India is currently home to over 41,000 startups (Economic Survey 2021) making it the world’s third largest start-up ecosystem. While the spread of coronavirus accelerated the rise of internet-based start-ups, the sector was also one of the most hit in the pandemic. Start-up advisories have played a crucial role in guiding businesses through these challenging times. 

Source: Business World

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