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Tummoc Partners With Rapido

Tummoc’s collaboration with Rapido is thus in-sync with the company’s ultimate vision, which also resonates with Rapido’s goal of making last-mile connectivity affordable through its disruptive service model.

Bengaluru-based intra-city commute solution provider Tummoc has announced its collaboration with India’s largest and fastest-growing bike taxi startup, Rapido, to provide the first and last mile connectivity from the companys’ multi-modal transit mobile application. Tummoc’s data-driven transit platform is now expanding the range of ride options on its app intending to offer its users efficient commute options for end-to-end connectivity in the cities it operates in. Tummoc’s collaboration with Rapido is thus in-sync with the company’s ultimate vision, which also resonates with Rapido’s goal of making last-mile connectivity affordable through its disruptive service model.

Tummoc has established its operations in key metro cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, where users can access Tummoc’s mobile application to understand public transport routes and transport options between two points within a city at the click of a button. And choose the most optimum combination that saves on time and cost of travel. Tummoc’s “Plan My Trip” feature helps users discover multiple ways to reach their destination, including Rapido’s bike and auto network in the aforementioned cities along with other public and private transport options, to find the best route suiting their requirements.

Commenting on this recent collaboration, Hiranmay Mallick, Founder-Tummoc quipped, “Tummoc’s mission of ushering in an era of smart and cashless urban commuting has got a significant boost with this collaboration with Rapido while staying true to our goal of Integrating all MaaS (Mobility as a Service) providers to offer our customers a wide range of first and last-mile transport options. We believe that both companies share the common thread of transforming how India commutes and that has brought us together to pioneer a new transit ecosystem for the scores of daily commuters in our country. Our association will be applicable for all the cities Tummoc operates in and will allow our customers to access Rapido’s network of trained bike and auto riders to plan and embark on their trips within each city. We hope to leverage on our strengths, grow together and provide an even greater end-user experience in the times ahead.”

On its part, Rapido has been redefining the concept of intra-city travel by offering customers quick and affordable bike taxi services through its vast network of 1million+ bike ‘captains’ spread across 100+ Indian cities. With convenience features like doorstep pick-up with assured ride safety and economically priced rides even in rush hour or traffic situations. Rapido has amassed a customer base of more than 10million and will leverage its collaboration with Tummoc to expand further in the cities it operates in. Speaking on the growth prospects, Aravind Sanka, Founder-Rapido added, “We are happy to collaborate with Tummoc to provide its customers with one-touch access to our fleet of bike taxis that are redefining standards of comfort & convenience. As a brand and a service, it is our constant endeavor to redefine ourselves and we believe this partnership will help both companies to synergize efforts to facilitate an exemplary end-user experience through first and last-mile rides provided through the platform. It is heartening to see how both companies share a similar vision for door-step accessibility in India and are confident of transforming the urban commute space further through this collaboration.”

With personal transportation costs escalating on the back of rising fuel prices, Tummoc facilitates commuters in discovering the fastest route employing commonly available transport while Rapido is working on the ground to deliver a safe commuting experience at reasonable costs. Additionally, both companies are helping reduce the overall carbon footprint for each of their customers and are contributing to India’s goal of reducing its total projected carbon emissions by one billion tonnes before 2030.

Source: Business World

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