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Senior QA Analyst

If you are from the IT world, you must be aware that the quality of the product is what is valued in the market. Your product fabricates the brand image of the organization in the market. A well-designed product can bring more potential customers than your applied marketing techniques; in short, a product can market itself if it’s worthy. 

QA stands for Quality Assurance, the process of testing that ensures that the customer is given high-quality software products or services free of bugs and glitches. The primary role of the quality assurance process is to focus on improving the software development process and making it efficient and effective. The PDCA cycle defines the quality assurance process, and the PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Check and Act. 

Plan: The organization at the start plans and establishes the process-related objective and creates a blueprint of the process required to deliver a high-quality product. 

DO: It stands for the development and testing of the process and makes changes if required. 

Check: It stands for monitoring the process, modifying it, and checking whether it will help meet the outcome. 

Act: A quality assurance tester implements all those necessary actions to improve the process. 

Everyone in the software industry is using Quality Assurance to make sure they stand on the customer expectations and requirements then be its tech giants like Amazon, Google, or startups like Swiggy, OLA, etc.

Who is a Senior QA Analyst? 

A senior QA analyst is the most senior member of the quality assurance team. They focus on total quality management and analyze requirements and design documents. Their daily routine is to review the codes and facilitate the quality assurance process. 

The duty of the senior quality assurance analyst also includes:

  • Debugging and managing the existing bugs.
  • Effectively logging new bugs.
  • Producing defect.
  • Status.
  • Test reports as required.

They are the ones who raise product-related issues to the team timely, establish metrics and best practices, recommend review processes and methods, and communicate with the development team and the client. 

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Educational Qualification and experience as a Senior QA analyst 

1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information technology, management information, or any equivalent domain. 2. An experience of 4-6 years in the software testing domain. 3. An experience of 3 years as a quality analyst. 

4. A comprehensive knowledge of concepts, methodologies, and tools is required as a QA analyst. 

5. A proven skill in quality assurance applications, databases, and MS office. 

6. An in-depth knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, and Scrum. 

7. Certifications like Quality Engineer, Quality Improvement Associate, Quality auditor, etc., can act as a plus in your resume.

Skills required as a Senior QA analyst 

Bundles of skill sets fitting to the job profile can help you grab a decent job. In the 21st century, the market has changed, and so has the industry; employers are now looking for candidates who can give them the best possible result in a short interval of time with their advanced skills set. 

Mentioned below are a few of the essential skills that you should have as a Senior QA analyst: 

● Experience in performing automation testing. 

● In-depth knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, Python, HTML, SQL. 

● Some special software and technical skills. 

● Critical Thinking: An ability to resolve the issues irrespective of the situation. The primary role of the QA analyst is to fix the bugs and fix the bug; you need the ability to dig out the issues and fix them as early as possible. 

● Learning Skills: To have an astonishing career, it’s essential to have a learning mindset. The learning ability helps you as an individual to grow your skills, and it helps you in possessing an ample knowledge of tools and technologies that are getting upgraded every day. The command can help you solve the problems efficiently, helping the organization touch new heights. 

● Team Player: An individual can win a fight, but a team can win a war. It’s essential to be a team player as that helps get the work done before time and with minimum effort. A quality assurance analyst must coordinate with various

teams such as the programming team, development team, executives, and testers to ensure a successful product release. 

● Flexible working approach: Being flexible is the new normal. The quality assurance analyst should be ready to take on any added responsibilities to accomplish the product’s successful launch. The flexibility is about being prepared to work from any location, for a longer duration, etc., as per the requirements. 

● Attention to detail: To accomplish the tasks in a given time frame, giving attention to every minute detail is essential. Your inattention can offer a hindrance to the supply chain, and an organization can’t afford that. It’s critical to be attentive during working hours. 

● Communication skills: This is one of the most vital soft skills. As a senior quality assurance analyst, having practical communication skills can help you communicate effectively with juniors, clients, team members, managers, and stakeholders. 

A quality assurance analyst should be efficient informal as well as informal communication. Conversational communication skills help you deal and communicate with the team members, developers, etc. In contrast, formal communication enables you to deal with clients, managers, and stakeholders. 

If you work on improving all these skills, then no doubt that you are moving forward to have an astonishing professional career as a Senior QA Analyst.

Roles and Responsibilities 

As a senior quality assurance analyst, the organization will have huge expectations from you. They will be looking forward to assigning you some key roles depending upon the year of your experience. Mentioned below are some major roles and responsibilities that you can expect as a senior QA analyst: 

● As a senior QA analyst, you will be focusing on designing plans to ensure the quality requirement adheres to the organization’s policies. 

● After getting the bugs and glitches fixed, you will be responsible for implementing programs. 

● You will ensure the projects chosen to bring out the result. 

● To analyze the root cause of a defect, you will be collecting the essential statistics and then analysing it in a better way to find the cause. 

● You will be expected to share your knowledge with the Junior quality assurance analysts. 

● You will be the one delivering efficient solutions to the various types of issues. 

● You will be reviewing the data flow across various systems and performing database queries to validate test data. 

● Using comprehensive knowledge of agile software development cycle and web mobile-based application testing. 

● Developing and maintaining the test strategies, regression plans, cross-feature plans, and tests encompassing manual and automation.

● Working closely to control and monitor testing efforts looking for coverage gaps and looking forward to improving the quality and efficiency. 

Senior QA Analyst salary trends in USA and India 

The software industry’s future looks promising, and so does the end of a Senior QA analyst. The technology boom is creating vacancies in different tech giants and startups. Be it USA or India; the startup culture is growing exponentially. Every startup is collaborating their idea with technology to survive in the market, which generates the need for a quality assurance analyst in the team. 

The average base pay of a Senior QA analyst in the USA is $1L per annum. The average salary may vary depending upon the job profile, year of experience, location, etc. 

The average base pay of a Quality leader is $1,07,786 per annum, and the average base pay of a Principal quality leader is $1,06,734 per annum. 

The salary trend in India 

The average base pay of a Senior QA analyst in India is Rs 9 lakhs per annum, and the average pay can vary depending on the year of experience. 

The average base pay of a Leader of quality is Rs 9 lakhs per annum, and the average base pay for the principal QA analyst is Rs 15 lakhs per annum.

Companies looking for Senior QA analysts and their average package. 

1. Wells Fargo offers an average pay of Rs 8,78,009 per annum. 

2. Oracle: Offering an average pay of Rs 12,53,282 per annum 3. Thomson Reuters: Offering an average salary of Rs 11,48,047 per annum. 

4. JP Morgan: Offering an average pay of Rs 16,15,536 per annum. 

5. Cybage Software: Offering an average pay of Rs 14,19,569 per annum. 

6. Infor: Offers an average pay of Rs 11,77,590 per annum. 7. Ascena: Offers an average pay of Rs 16,20,991 per annum. 8. Thoughtworks: Offering an average pay of Rs 16,87,111 per annum. 

9. PTC: Offers an average pay of Rs 10,00,00 per year. 10. GEP: Offering an average pay of Rs 6,74,844 per year. 

( Source: Glassdoor ) 

A day in a life of Senior QA Analyst 

● The day of a Senior QA analyst starts on the breakfast table with breakfast, coffee, and mailbox. 

● Reverting to the critical emails, the person heads to the office. 

● A team meeting takes place where the tasks that will be accomplished in the day are discussed. 

● The work will vary depending on the software and where it is in the development cycle.

● Before lunch, the analyst tests the codes and looks for the bugs, and in the latter half, he discusses the problem with the team and looks for an effective solution. 

● The office hour ends with the team meeting, submitting the reports. 

● Back home and grab the meal! 

How to become a Senior QA analyst? 

If you want to become a QA analyst, you should answer ‘Why do you want to become senior QA analyst’? Once you find the answer now it’s all about education, hard work, and determination. In terms of educational qualification, according to a survey, it was found that 66.7% of senior quality assurance analysts have a bachelors degree and 21.5 % of senior quality assurance analysts have a master’s degree. 

With the skill mentioned above sets, you need a few years of working experience too to join an organization as a senior quality assurance analyst. 

What are the advantages of the Senior QA Analyst Course? 

Courses are always designed to make your journey easier. They give a roadmap of what you should study and what skills you should add to your resume to land in a reputed organization. The specific courses designed at Great Learning give you knowledge from essential to advanced levels. 

Once you complete the course, you will feel much more confident and will be able to present yourself in a well-structured manner in front of employers. You will give them a reason to hire you.


There’s numerous scope in the software industry and working as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst is one of them. Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions that a person makes in his life. According to the industrial experts, to grow as a Senior Quality Assurance analyst, you need to have a critical mindset to analyse the problem and solve it as soon as possible. In the current scenario, you should work on upgrading your skills to overcome complex challenges. There are several industry designed certifications in which you can enrol yourself to learn new skills and upgrade the older ones. 

I hope you find answers to all your curious questions and look forward to having a successful career as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst. 


Keep Exploring! 

Written by:- 

Naman Srivastava

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