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Analytics And AI Company, SpoofSense Raises $150k Funds

SpoofSense is a computer vision algorithm that lets businesses authenticate their customers through Face Biometrics. Its passive liveness detection technology differentiates real users from fake ones and helps businesses prevent digital identity frauds. Spoofsense, a powerful AI algorithm that detects ‘Live’ v/s ‘Spoof’ Faces in an image raised 150k USD funds. This round is led by JITO Angel Network and co-invested by a few Marquee Angels.

Using the power of Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms, SpoofSense API differentiates between a genuine face v/s it’s replica (printed photograph, 3D masks etc) with high precision in under 2 seconds. It is completely passive and requires just 1 selfie to figure out the authenticity of a face.

JITO Angel Network (JAN) A premium community based organisation which invests in Budding entrepreneurs and supports them by leveraging the Jain community platform made by Jain International trade organisation. JITO Angel Network have invested in multiple companies and have got multiple exits in the last 6 months giving handsome returns to its investors. Network have till date have astron portfolio of 55 companies where 25+ have raised Up rounds and follow on rounds.

Kartikeya Bhardwaj, Founder, SpoofSense said, “By 2025, 2.4 billion people will be using face recognition to carry out online transactions. Problems like Face Spoofing are an enormous threat to an individual’s online presence. With the power of AI and Computer Vision, SpoofSense will make Face Recognition a reliable and safe biometric that can be deployed at scale and revolutionize the lives of billions, worldwide”. Funds will be used for further R&D, TeamBuilding and Marketing.

Sunil Kumar Singhvi, Vice Chairman of JITO Angel Network – Spoofsense- a plug and play integration where each face gets analysed by Multiple Deep Neural Nets and the liveness score is calculated based on a single frame passively. We are proud to be associated with Spoofsense which is solving the problem of Face Spoofing Attacks.

Shashank Randev – Founder VC – 100X.VC – SpoofSense easily performs Face Liveness Check with just an API call. Images sent to the API are classified as either Live or Spoof. It is a plug and play integration where each face gets analysed by Multiple Deep Neural Nets and the liveness score is calculated based on a single frame passively. It has a monthly/yearly subscription based Pricing Model.

Founded in 2019, 100X.VC is led by angel investor Sanjay Mehta’s Mehta Ventures. Launched on a cohort-based investment model. 100X.VC is sponsored by Mehta Ventures, the family office Investment arm of Sanjay Mehta, first VC to invest in early stage start-ups to nurture innovative ideas that add value and bring solutions to a problem.

The product is a point solution with many use cases such as Remote customer onboarding, Video-KYC, Face Recognition Based Attendance/Access, Face Logins and verifying Digital profiles. 100X believes that this will be a critical part of any application in the future, as we make biometric/ face authentication a key part of any workflow/ app. Kartikeya has demonstrated the ability to build a differentiated product with an IP. 100X believes that SpoofSense has the opportunity to create a true deep tech cybersecurity company from India.

Source: Business World

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