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Ashnoor Kaur & Niti Taylor Join Triller

Both Niti and Ashnoor are launching exciting challenges on the app. Users can participate in #TrillLikeAshnoor and #TrillwithNiti and win exciting prizes.

Triller, the AI-powered global platform driving engagement and monetisation for creators has onboarded social media sensations Niti Taylor and Ashnoor Kaur. Delighting their massive fan following with this move, the influencers are set to entertain and connect with a wider audience through fresh engaging content. Along with the popular categories of lip-syncing, acting, comedy and dance, fans will now be able to join in Niti’s love for Zumba. Adding yet another feather to her hat we will be introduced to the rap stylings of Ashnoor Kaur. Ashnoor would also create exciting content in acting, dance and fashion.

Both Niti and Ashnoor are launching exciting challenges on the app. Users can participate in #TrillLikeAshnoor and #TrillwithNiti and win exciting prizes.

Rohan Tyagi, VP Operations and Strategy, Triller says, “Our goal in India is to take the content creation experience to a new level and give Indian creators the much deserved and rather overdue global exposure. We are constantly innovating to bring creative IPs through which influencers can showcase their talent and entertain our users. With Niti and Ashnoor joining us we’re excited to bring more engaging content to their millions of fans.”

On joining Triller Niti says, “I am very excited to become a part of the Triller community. It is amazing to see how Triller is using technology to elevate content creation while entertaining audiences across the globe. I’m looking forward to sharing fresh content with the vibrant Triller audience and being a part of a global network of creators”

On joining Ashnoor says, “As an actor and a creator I am always looking for newer more innovative ways of connecting with my audience. For me, joining Triller is the right next step in expanding not only my audience but also bringing a new flavour to my art as a content creator. Since Triller has come to India I have noticed how Triller is making it possible for creators to go glocal. Triller offers the much-required access for Indian content creators to a global audience, which has been missing so far.”

Niti got her start in the television industry in 2009 with Pyaar ka Bandhan, since then she has gone on to have successful roles in both television and film. She was last seen playing Mannat Kaur Khurana in the popular series Ishaqbaaz. Aside from her illustrious career in film and television, Niti is a social media favourite. With over 3 million followers across social media platforms, she is often described as angelic and cute as a doll by her fans and co-stars alike. An ardent believer of the power of self-love, Niti’s content is fun and cheerful. She is seen enjoying with friends and family while always keeping the style quotient high.

Ashnoor too is a popular television figure. Since starting her television career at the tender age of 5, playing Prachi in Jhansi ki Rani, Ashnoor has been a part of several popular television series. She was also seen in the star-studded Manmarziyan and Sanju. Along with TV credits and music videos under her belt, Ashnoor is a social media mainstay. Her follower count is upwards of 9M across social media platforms. Ashnoor shares her life as an actor with her fans, and anecdotes from her day today in the form of fun and engaging content.

Source: Business World

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