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BrainGymJr Partners With St. Augustine’s Day School

With BrainGymJr, just 15 minutes of daily exercises help open a child’s mind with new methods of application.

BrainGymJr, one of India’s unique ed-tech start-ups announces its collaboration with St. Augustine’s Day School, Shyamnagar and Barrackpore in North Kolkata. BrainGymJr reinforces the concepts of Mathematics, English and Real-World knowledge learned in school through application and problem-solving. With BrainGymJr, just 15 minutes of daily exercises help open a child’s mind with new methods of application.                                               

BrainGymJr will offer brain development exercises on a fully automated portal for children between ages 5-11 years from selected sections of St. Augustine’s Day School, Barrackpore and Shyamnagar in North Kolkata. 

Speaking about this collaboration, Janet Gasper Chowdhury, President of The St. Augustine Education Society said, “St. Augustine’s Day School has always been on the forefront of child development and adapting to new methods of learning. The offering from BrainGymJr supplements our focus on Math & English while building discipline through daily practice. We are pleased that the program ensures children are motivated and involved, given the engaging formats and regular positive reinforcement. Our teachers were deeply involved in evaluating the content and technology offered by BrainGymJr and we are glad to have a partner who focuses on learning through application and problem solving”.

Through this initiative, children receive a fresh set of exercises online across Maths, English & Real-world skills every single day. These exercises come in fun and engaging formats such as crosswords, clock, grid questions; encouraging a problem-solving approach. There are instant answers and explanations for attempting the question. Additionally, 5000+ exercises are available for practice over and above the daily questions that children can do at their time and pace.

Expressing his thoughts on the collaboration, Mr. Vidur Garg, founder at BrainGymJr adds, “We are truly honoured to be part of this association with St. Augustine’s Day School, Shyamnagar & Barrackpore on child development. We align on the thinking that a strong foundation of Math, Language and Real-world skills help build confidence to interact externally and sets the ground for strong logic, reasoning and critical thinking. Through our program, not only does every child get a customized offering; we also provide teachers with unique student insight. This enables teachers to customize their approach and nudge every student accordingly”.

The program has positive reinforcement in-built through reward and recognition as children can earn points, unlock badges, appear on class leaderboards and more! 

The school has taken this unique initiative for child development without passing on the costs to students, reinforcing the commitment to student learning and growth. “This is the first school collaboration for BrainGymJr and we take pride in being partners of choice for St Augustine’s Day School, Shyamnagar & Barrackpore”, added Vidur.

Source: Business World

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