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Buy Less, Rent More: Renting High Fashion Is No Longer Taboo

Instead of burning holes in pockets, for buying an expensive designer outfit, rent them now

Fashion has become more than a trend now, whatever comes in today, goes out tomorrow. And who doesn’t want to be trendy? This is creating an unnecessary huge wardrobe collection that is trendy but not reusable which starts with a lot of pressure to look nice! And all of this for something we’d only wear once, photograph a million times, and then discard.

Instead of burning holes in pockets, for buying an expensive designer outfit, rent them now. Be it, men or women, these rental clothing websites have amazing collections for everyone and every occasion. Anyone can rent these designer outfits for the wedding season and return once it is done being your OOTD!  It is both game-changing for the fashion industry and life-changing for all of us.

“Access is key and not ownership. Even if they can afford to buy a designer outfit, for the reasons of no repeatability, storage hassles and sustainability they are making a shift to renting instead of buying & hoarding,” said Aanchal Saini, CEO, Flyrobe, Founder, RENT IT BAE.

When asked about how People felt embarrassing sometimes when it comes to renting an outfit! Is it still a barrier for this business or the concept has changed? 

“We have witnessed an exponential demand in the rental market due to a shift in the behavioural patterns of consumers. Ease of use, attitude, and social pressure drive the Behavioural intent, there is a strong impact of social media platforms and the urge of being environment-friendly which in return heightens the opportunity to try a range of new products, and access the latest fashion in a cost-effective manner. Clothing rental supports circular fashion practices leading to environmental and economic sustainability. The use of Pre-Loved clothing also helps the consumers to minimize the risk of obsolescence, maintenance, and storage. Online Clothing Rental Market is Expected to Reach $ 1,856 Million, Globally, by 2023,” said Laveena Laitonjam, Founder & CEO,  Rent An Attire.

Why Renting is the better option?  

1.  Clothing that has been stocked is circulated 

Celebrities do not purchase the clothing they wear. These fashionable garments are either dumped or unused after they have been worn. And these garment rental businesses let us get our hands on designer outfits by bringing them in for circulation. 

2.  All about convenience 

  • Altered to your size. 
  • The outfits are dry cleaned. 
  • Delivered and picked from your home. 
  • Available in plus sizes. 

3. Saves money and space:  

The major plus point of renting is that it saves a huge chunk of money as compared to buying designer wear. Also, it saves a lot of space in your wardrobe from piling new outfits for every wedding. 

4. New outfit each time

Repeating outfits for weddings might be awkward in the age of Instagram, where we frequently upload images. Also, if you spend a lot of money on a dress, you might not wear it as often as you should! Instead, rent fashionable clothing at a low price and buy a new garment every time. 

Source: Business World

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