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Closet Full Clothes But Nothing To Wear – Can A Personal AI Stylist Solve This Problem And How?

Addressing or even identifying the exact problem of why we become so clueless at times while deciding what to wear can be laborious.

We stand in front of our closets every day. We have multiple clothes scattered around but still can’t decide what to wear. Sounds familiar? Making last-minute decisions about what to wear becomes frustrating at times because you already have a lot on your mind and time is pressing. No matter what, the clothes you wear cast an impression on the people around you which becomes utterly important, especially at your workplace.

Deciding clothes invites a list of questions

Addressing or even identifying the exact problem of why we become so clueless at times while deciding what to wear can be laborious. However, there are multiple reasons why this happens to almost everyone. The reasons can be:

– We don’t know how to plan and manage a wardrobe.

– We don’t know how to put together different pieces in fresh combinations and looks.

– We tend to buy clothes impulsively. As a result, we don’t necessarily wear all products equally but have favorites which we tend to wear more often.

– We are influenced by trends on social media platforms to buy one-time products rather than basics that can be layered & used many times.

– Even if we know how to manage our wardrobe, it takes effort, mind space and time to search and put together a wardrobe.

Who doesn’t want to look their level best especially when it comes to clothing? Everyone does. How wonderful would it be to get an assistant who’d decide what suits you best on your behalf and all you’d have to do is wear it. Surprisingly, you can get over this frustration of deciding ‘what to wear’ within a few clicks with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Get pampered by AI Stylist at your convenience

Anything and everything we see around us is integrated with technology. From getting your favorite coffee in the morning to dozing off at night in the convenience of your bedroom, everything demands the incorporation of technology. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do wonders to help you decide what to wear and what not to. An AI Stylist can help you plan your wardrobe in multiple ways:

1. To start with, it can recommend products that suit your complexion and body type. For instance, large checks would suit larger broad body types and colors such as turquoise would suit wheatish complexions. You can also make choices based on your Fashion Personality – Classic, Fashionable or Experimental, or Looks such as Boho, Preppy or Street.

2. Depending on where you wear your clothes and whom you wear them in front of, you need to have a balanced set of formals, casuals, and festive/dressy pieces. The AI Stylist can

help you with special style filters such as Occasions, Brands and Patterns. The occasions can be beyond just formal, casual and dressy e.g. brunch, beach, kitty party. If you like a certain brand, other similar brands can be recommended.

3. Once you have a few pieces, the AI stylist can recommend different mix and match combinations with the same piece.

Check out these images for a better understanding of how an AI Stylist can be helpful in planning your wardrobe.

How effective is an AI Stylist?

On e-commerce, users who use an AI stylist have a 3x conversion rate and 24% to 60% higher basket values than those who do not. They view 4x more products and also spend 7x more time.

What does it take for an e-commerce player to get an AI Stylist?

E-commerce players just need to make their image feed, product attribute feed, and stock feed available to the AI Stylist provider. Everything else is automatically done by the AI, including attribute extraction and mix and match creation.

All in all, an AI Stylist is the best available modern feature to reduce the stress of ‘what to buy & wear’ decision making. It is DIY, available any time anywhere, convenient, unbiased and usually free! You can explore as much as you want until you get a perfect match of clothes that satisfies both your mood as well as the need for any specific occasion.

Source: Business World

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