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Consolidate While Disrupting

You have to keep consolidating what you are building and you have to keep disrupting as you go otherwise you won’t survive.

Pandemic really affected the business in a very positive manner and everyone did a lot of changes in their businesses and also to provide the number of increased requirements of packaging material because everything was getting home-delivered not just in India but across the world in fact people in India have given up on supplying papers. 30 per cent of the paper prices went up which precisely went higher only 10 per cent in last 10 years to supply chain issue material for supply would not come in. and there is a very common misconception to the people that 

It requires trees to be cut but in India, we don’t have that kind of trees so 95 per cent of the paper mills are either go into agricultural waste or they recycle paper which is imported from outside so our papers are the most environmental-friendly paper the world so all of the things that are burnt in Punjab can b made paper and supply to the entire world. 

“The world is changing, the world is evolving what are motivators what are not motivators for people and its the greatest time for anthropologists today because the way that human behaviour is changing is super hard to predict but if you are giving the space it’s also the best job to have. So for us, it’s an amazing time because I think we do the best job in the world to expose everybody’s business model to understand everybody’s business model and everybody writes a beautiful business plan and we are fortunate enough to execute them, we also know where the gunk is and it’s our job using tech, using people, using basic common sense sometimes to allow it to move and Its been beautiful 3 years,” said Pratik Gupta, Co-Founder, Zoomedia.

Consolidate while disrupting, We don’t have the ability to do either of them we have to do both together. You have to keep consolidating what you are building and you have to keep disrupting as you go otherwise you won’t survive.

Ecommerce and hypergrowth are the important terns in the industry that has been kept in mind. Categories such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, personal care and wellness electronics are now a well dependent category in India. Now when we talk about the general merchandise category which is home,  kitchen, appliance, furniture etc because of the pandemic the willingness of consumers to meet those purchases, the ordinarily would not,  we have got over that hum and the unloved category has seen insane growth.

Source: Business World

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