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CredR Appoints Parichay Malvankar As Its Editor In Chief

The appointment is aligned with the company’s long-term vision of producing revolutionary content to conduct responsible brand communications and promotions.

Accelerating towards becoming India’s most versatile, vertically integrated, omnichannel ecosystem of two-wheelers that takes a multi-pronged approach to transform the current pre-owned automobiles demand and supply of the country, CredR, has announced the appointment of Parichay Malvankar as Editor in Chief of its content verticals. The appointment is aligned with the company’s long-term vision of producing revolutionary content to conduct responsible brand communications and promotions.

Onboarded on the creative growth sale with CredR in October 2021, Parichay is responsible for overseeing the content that goes up on CredR’s blog platform, the news and reviews section, including videos on youtube. All the content-related concerns are being closely regulated with a fine-tooth comb by Parichay. He also ensures no untouched corners are left to cover while producing any content from the brand’s side. Additionally, Parichay is also responsible for omnichannel content creation, including reels and other posts related to Instagram media. Currently, Parichay aims at creating more engaging content on behalf of CredR where he will mention tips about riding safety, tips for bike maintenance, interesting getaways around cities which people can explore over the weekend, how to choose the right bike depending on your utility, budget, and lifestyle, etc.

Speaking at the vital appointment, the Sasidhar Nandigam, Founder & CEO, CredR said: “Over the last 7 years, we have realized that a 2-wheeler translation is a one-time translation that you will do in 3 years. So how do you keep your consumers still engaged or latched on to your brand? One way of doing that is by creating engaging and relevant content, which the consumers will enjoy daily. This was one of the reasons why we tied up with Parichay because we wanted to keep the consumers coming back to the platform, if not for any transaction purpose at least to consume interesting content.”

Having achieved a prominent position in the automotive content industry, Parichay Malvankar has been in automobile journalism for more than a decade and is known for his unbiased opinion when it comes to reviews of new product launches. He is also the owner & Editor-in-Chief of, which he founded in 2014. Being a pioneer in automotive journalism and content creation, Parichay is already privy to many news and has already been associated with various industry launches. He also has a keen experience in creating a lot of relevant content in terms of news and updates surrounding the two-wheeler automotive industry. An excellent editor who knows how to make high-value production of video content (featuring 2 wheelers across the spectrum like petrol 2-wheelers, electric 2-wheelers, smart bikes, as well as specific sports bikes and high-end bikes), Parichay will take CredR’s YouTube channel to the next level.

“Looking at how CredR has grown since its inception, I take immense pride in this opportunity to head their content division. At CredR, our key focus is to deliver the best possible deals on used two-wheelers. But with the news & reviews section, we will try to help customers understand the market trends better and the newly launched products. The format will be simple to understand, and most importantly, unbiased.” commented Parichay Malankar.

CredR has always strived to become the most trusted and transparent automotive provider. The brand has already ascended the marquee position by introducing specific industry-first initiatives in the used 2-wheeler space and now wishes to translate the same trust into other ancillary aspects of 2-wheelers. The brand believes in diligently producing unbiased, creatively informative content to guide its customers on the parameters of purchasing, using, and getting their 2-wheelers repaired. CredR believes that content is one of the key growth drivers in brand engagement.

Source: Business World

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