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Decentro Partners With Workflexi & Onelmpression

Through this integration, Decentro enables a seamless KYC & onboarding experience for customers on these platforms and helps them simplify their entire payment process for collections

Decentro, one of India’s leading API platforms for banking integration, today announced its integration with Workflexi and Onelmpression to empower the new wave of gig and creator economy for India with financial solutions. Through this integration, Decentro enables a seamless KYC & onboarding experience for customers on these platforms and helps them simplify their entire payment process for collections (from the brands/payers) and disbursements (to influencers, freelancers and gig workers).

Decentro’s API modules will assist Workflexi and One Impression with robust, cost-effective, and a reliable payment infrastructure, thereby helping them manage their money flow in an automated manner at a reduced cost. Moreover, the companies will offer a seamless customer onboarding experience with Decentro’s KYCs and Onboarding API solutions. In the long run, Decentro will also be looking at facilitating them with solutions like Co-Branded Cards, and more banking products via their deeply embedded banking APIs.

On the announcement of these partnerships, Rohit Taneja, Founder & CEO, Decentro, said, “We’re happy to enable Workflexi and One Impression with modular solutions that will assist them in their journey to integrate financial solutions for their users. Gig economy has massive untapped potential in India. And, our solutions will help both the companies in leveraging automation to simplify user experience. We shall continue to look for many such collaborations, empowering companies with easy solutions.”

Workflexi is an on-demand workforce provider assisting 1000s of gig workers find potential employers. Sandesh Kangod, Founder & CEO at Workflexi said, “We wanted a payment process that is instant for our gig workers and couldn’t find a payment gateway that could do that for us. We also wanted companies to transfer money from their current account to the wallet, and with Decentro that’s possible”.

One Impression is the largest influencer network in Asia, with over 14 million influencers and 300+ brands on the platform globally. Apaksh Gupta, Founder & CEO, OneImpression, said “More often than not, influencers find themselves relying heavily on agencies to help them kick start their career, especially for financial services. Together with Decentro, we aim to transform the lives of many such influencers. With worries about financial services gone, our clients can focus more on new age content and grow swiftly.”

Both Workflexi and OneImpression are among the popular platforms in the gig and creator economy space that simplify the lives of freelancers, influencers, and creators with their unique digital platform. The development comes as Decentro looks to go deeper across categories. The company has been enabling fintechs, NBFCs, lending companies to launch financial products in a matter of weeks, without going through the challenges faced while integrating banking solutions.

The creator & gig economies have been on the rise globally since the past few months. More and more people are turning to flexible jobs. According to a BCG Report, India’s gig economy is estimated to triple with the potential to service 90 million jobs in the non-agriculture sector in the next eight to ten years. Not just that, the gig economy could also create approximately one million new jobs in the next two-three years in the country. API platforms like Decentro can help unlock the potential of gig economy, bring transparency, and foster a mutually beneficial experience for gig platforms and its customers. Decentro’s API solutions will assist gig workers on the platforms like Workflexi and creators on platforms like One Impression in monetising and upselling more services.

Source: Business World

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