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Design Trends Making A Comeback

Homes buyers are aware of sustainability and the need for reduction of the carbon footprint, generated by our choices.

Whenever we talk about trends including fashion, furniture, decor – we realise that they tend to fade away with time and then gradually make a smooth
comeback. Do you remember the cane furniture that adorned almost every Indian home, back in the 80’s and the 90s? Who knew they would be making such a strong comeback this year as statement pieces of minimalistic decor! Also with the constant increase in population in urban cities, the demand for functional design & elegant
decor is on the rise. Thus, a lot of familiar
trends are coming back with modern tweaks to keep up with the changing times. Let’s have a look at a few such trends. 

In big cities due to the space crunch and focus
on natural cross ventilation of homes /apartments, it gave rise to open floor plans. To complement these layouts, designer glass blocks are back in style. They were used earlier
in the bathrooms, and some even employed it to create a
screen in the bedrooms. They
eventually went ‘out-of-style’. With design demanding
natural ventilation & light, there is a huge surge in their demand again. 

With WFH becoming the
new normal, family members are spending a lot of time at home, hence the need for a workspace for both parents and kids has become a necessity. Classic yet sleeker lines in furniture, minimalist decor, light pastel shades, hidden cabinets, wall storage, etc. create an illusion of bigger space and a clutter-free zone. After decades of white & neutral hues dominating the interior themes , colours of the ‘70s are now
closing in! Shades of green, orange, brown, yellow are increasingly used in combination with other earthy colours.  

Another element of home decor that makes its presence every few years is wallpaper. The cosmopolitan and savvy home buyer is inclined towards natural tones of floral prints, forest scenery and wooden hues which have created a huge demand for wallpapers. Did you know that wallpapers were first introduced in the 1970s and became a full rage in the ’80s? Though earlier it was all about covering the entire home walls with bold wallpaper, now it is used as an accent in a room. 

And last but not the least, the four poster beds. These old school beds are popping up in every scene.  While in the 2000s most designs went for sleek clean forms for bed frames, there is a shift towards more artistic styles. It creates a beautiful mix of traditional and modern styles.

Homes buyers are aware of sustainability and the need for reduction of the carbon footprint, generated by our choices. Equipment and materials that are essential for our needs without compromising the quality of life of future generations are now being installed; like energy-efficient appliances (STP, DGs, WTPs,
sensor based irrigation, lights, exhaust systems, etc.). Residents are encouraged to buy energy-efficient geysers, fans, ACs, kitchen appliances, and lights. This reduces running costs and contributes to sustainable and efficient homes. 

How can we miss the lighting installations & fixtures? Metallic and brass frames in the geometric forms are also making a huge comeback. These designs also
to the need for being energy-efficient. In addition, light sensors and LEDs reduce power usage. Water consumption can be controlled using a water meter to monitor daily water usage. Moreover, globe lighting with
metallic finishes is becoming a signature statement of modern homes with warm toned
lights instead of white. The traditional design is one of the primary characteristics that has allowed these lights to resurface in popularity. If you wish to have a retro touch, simply choose globe lightning without a second thought.

“Nothing ever goes out of style” correctly summarises the decor trends. Every decade brings back something from the past to cater to present needs. There is so much going on in the world of decor that compiling everything in one comprehensive list is challenging. 

As consumers are becoming more conscious of their choices, the use of eco paints, sustainable designs, non-contact areas, AV rooms for entertainment – is pretty common nowadays. Swimming pools have been replaced by pet parks, jogging & walking tracks. The current trend is all about combining comfort, wellness, functionality, and costs. 

As trends come and go, real estate developers provide an option to refurbish the apartments (civil finishes and interiors) at a subsidized cost every few years too. So what are your thoughts on these trends making a comeback again?

Source: Business World

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