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Digital Ways For The Growth And Elevation Of Women

Digital is not only the most important platform for raising the voice and sound, but it is also the most fruitful place to explore business opportunities and cultivate the profits of women entrepreneurs.

She aimed, worked hard, and conquered!

This is how digital media helps women entrepreneurs around the world. The spirit, ingenuity, and courage of women have caused disruption in the digital ecosystem. They transformed their wonderful ideas into reality. Digital structures create functional networks for aspiring women, for many of them, digitalization brings increased business opportunities. It is a universal platform to share their ideas and talent. It enables women to win.

The Internet and E-commerce era has enabled women to make full use of skills and abilities. Digital is not only the most important platform for raising the voice and sound, but it is also the most fruitful place to explore business opportunities and cultivate the profits of women entrepreneurs. Digital Media is the safest way women can follow their dreams for a better future.

Women in the era of New Media

Over the past few years, the active encryption of the Internet and Social Media has successfully transformed great ideas into powerful products. Unlike the customary business plan, the performance of female-led corporations in the digital era is terrific. In digital landscapes, women are simply inspirational.

Digital media has taken gender equality and empowerment of women to next level. From the rise of women in education and individual right to economic freedom – digital media emerges as the true power of women’s liberation.

Business beyond Dreams

Financial dependence has traditionally been a major obstacle in women’s growth and development. In the era of E-entrepreneurship, women have the great potential to overcome these barriers.

We have heard many success stories of women entrepreneurs in the digital space, which proves it is an incredible opportunity. Whether it is the prominent Kanika Tekriwal, founder of JetSetGo, India’s first private airline and helicopter market rental or its Shantala Bhat’ Gamatics’ shooting range in the Indian arena, the business potential of Indian women is often enhanced by the ever-changing digital revolution.

Digital Media has added wings to women’s aspirations, flying high and building businesses with impact. That is why Radhika Aggarwal (Founder of Shopclues), Falguni Nayyar (Founder of Nykaa), Pranshu Bhandari (Founder of Culture Alley), Sakshi Talwar (Founder of Werugs and Beyond), Sabina Chopra (Co-Founder of YatraeCom), Chahal (Founder of Sheroes), and many other successful women believe that Digital Media has played a major role in their success. Also, the beauty of a digital business is that one can use it. They can start even in their drawing-room. It has helped many women to become self-sufficient and to grow.

Planning for a World That Does What Is Right

Apart from work and business, Digital Media has a similar influence on other Indian woman’s lifestyles. Today, she has been given a lot of power to share her thoughts on topics like domestic violence, Triple Talaq, and marital rape. The advent of Digital Media also encouraged women to talk and discuss the things that are important to their dignity but flagged survival as unpopular in patriarchal societies. They now have a platform to discuss these issues fearlessly. In this changing context, Aditi Gupta has launched a ‘Menstrupedia’ to educate women from time to time. There is Aditi Mittal, a popular comedian, is making strenuous efforts to eradicate unnecessary fear and inhibition among women through her shows.

Social media has really engaged women on a large scale, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very effective in raising their collective voice and consolidating their inappropriate power ways. The ‘Me too’ movement founded by Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano to combat sexual harassment and bullying is a living example of how social media has strongly connected women to fight for their rights and justice.

Driver for Change

Digital media has brought many opportunities for women to celebrate their talent, ideas, skills, and art in almost every field and especially in business and commerce. They are now more likely to accept the challenges and offer tougher competition to their male counterparts than ever before. They have now been given more power to raise their voice and greater confidence to go up and down.

Source: Business World

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