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In Feb 2021, Kyt Technologies acquired San Francisco based and merged Kyt Academy and DIY operations. was originally built and operated by Zach Klein, also the Founder of Vimeo, and designed to offer a project-based learning platform for kids.

Educational technology platform (acquired and operated by Kyt Technologies), is building the largest online learning community of kids that learn skills together. Through its unique project-based learning approach, social community, and highly rated product available across all devices, DIY provides access to a large library of content – courses, how-to videos & projects for kids to explore and find their passions, while helping them explore new skills.

In Feb 2021, Kyt Technologies acquired San Francisco-based and merged Kyt Academy and DIY operations. was originally built and operated by Zach Klein, also the Founder of Vimeo, and designed to offer a project-based learning platform for kids. It made a perfect match for the growth envisioned by Bhavik and Tripti for Kyt Academy, which was to provide learning opportunities through video-based courses, live facilitated workshops or self-paced projects. It closes the loop by allowing kids to post their creations and share it with a thriving global community. With the acquisition, Kyt not only rebranded to DIY but also expanded its global footprint.

“We instantly connected with Zach on our shared passion to build a destination where any kid, anywhere, could learn any skill. The way we described our common vision was – If Netflix made kids smarter, YouTube was safer and Instagram was built for kids – DIY would be it. We are also thrilled to welcome Zach as an Advisor and an invaluable mentor in our journey ahead.” said Bhavik Rathod, Co-Founder, about the acquisition of DIY by Kyt Technologies.

“We have grown multi-fold since the DIY acquisition. Kids from over 148 countries are already part of this thriving and engaging community which has contests, peer-to-peer workshops and many new things added every week.” adds Bhavik. DIY covers a range of 160+ skills that kids can explore and learn through a variety of engaging courses, challenges, live workshops and contests.

“The thing that makes DIY different from all other screen time is that your kids will get inspired by other kids who love learning and sharing their passion and curiosity. In fact, for every 10 minutes spent on DIY, kids spend more than 30 minutes offline doing projects to share back on DIY. When they share, all posts get feedback, likes or comments from other kids, DIY Moderators and Mentors. It really inspires kids to do more when their post gets featured on DIY.” says Tripti Ahuja, Co-Founder of DIY. 

DIY is a paid subscription product that offers a free 30 day trial and full access to content and community. The topics range from Science, Animation, Gaming such as Minecraft and Roblox, Coding, Engineering, Arts and Crafts and much more. Some of the unique topics include LEGO, Magic and How to be a Youtuber. DIY is breaking the barriers on creating content with global content creators and scaling topics and interests that are trending.

“Allowing kids to explore new and upcoming topics through shows, series and courses is what DIY aims to do over the next few months. By providing a safe and holistic learning experience, parents feel comfortable about their kids screen time and content consumption or creation habits on DIY – they trust us.” adds Tripti.

When asked about the future plans, the husband-wife duo had a clear focus and direction, “We are determined to continue growing exponentially. Over the next few months, we’ll be growing our team – hiring across key roles such as product, engineering, community, growth and marketing. We’ll also be partnering with many more creators and mentors from around the world to bring some of the best content on DIY. We aim to build the best online destination for millions of kids to be social and learn together.”

Source: Business World

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