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Edsanta Education Partners With NTTF

Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) is a premier institution that offers a wide range of industry integrated programs for Diploma and Postgraduate level.

Edtech startup Edsanta Education has partnered with Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF),  a premier institution in technical training and education, to offer an AI powered E-learning platform for NTTF’s students. The new digital NTTF platform powered by ‘ELITE’ by Edsanta will incorporate NTTF’s curriculum and empower students to identify their career paths, skill gaps and overcome them with highly relevant learning content. 

Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) is a premier institution that offers a wide range of industry integrated programs for Diploma and Postgraduate level. Founded in 1963, the institution has always focussed on offering vocational training and education to the youth in India. It has gained support from the Central government of India and gained popularity among many State governments. It operates from 16 centres and delivers high standards of corporate and vocational training with an impressive industry-connect. In order to offer a much more cohesive learning experience for the students, NTTF has launched Digital NTTF, a tech-inspired simulated digital service that aims to upskill the youth and create a clear career path for them. The new digital platform will be available in over 60 locations of NTTF, accessible by 600 faculty and 55,000 students across seven diploma programmes that are a part of NTTF’s curriculum. 

Commenting on the partnership, Rohan Krishna, CEO and Co-Founder, Edsanta Education, said, “Learning must go on – is no longer a slogan or an option but a reality and a necessity. The world is discussing the indispensable requirement in today’s competitive, fast-paced, technology-driven society to either reskill or upskill. Many reports point towards today’s graduates changing jobs up to 10 or even more times during their lifetime. It is regarded that half of the graduates that employers are looking at don’t have the right skills. At Edsanta , our aim is to empower students for a successful career. Our AI powered platform ELITE is customizable as per each student’s requirement. Every student has an independent learning style, and technology has to bridge this efficiently. Digital NTTF is about making content available online and offer a personalised learning journey and guidance for every student and faculty”

Ammin Rajqotwala, Chairman, Edsanta Education, added,  “NTTF has been one of the most sought-after vocational training institutions in India. With the Digital NTTF launch,we look forward to a transformational shift to cooperative & collaborative learning.  Digital learning is often viewed as the habitat of young, digital native institutions, and with the Digital NTTF initiative, the 60-year-old institution plans to empower its global ecosystem further” 

Commenting on the partnership, Dr N Reguraj, Managing Director at NTTF, said “NTTF was started with an aim to make a difference to thousands of youth and working professionals through vocational training that is delivered in close collaboration with the industry. We want to take it a step further by offering a seamless digital platform that helps them learn, skill and reskill” 

Adding to the above, B V Sudharshan, Deputy Managing Director at NTTF, said  “NTTF has always been ahead of time and quick in finding ways to address new challenges. Digital NTTF is the new ‘avatar’ for NTTF which will help our students to learn effectively. It is critical to nourish students and help them upskill by taking the right approach from the beginning and equipping them with the best learning and upskilling technology”

Elite by Edsanta Education offers over 300,000+ curated content for over 120 subjects spread across seven diploma programs and 200+ additional skills.  Elite empowers just-in-time learning. 

Source: Business World

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