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Elanpro Ventures Into Smart Monitoring System – ‘Thingif(Y) Smart Hub’

With AI-powered intelligence and an intelligent gateway, the configuration of rules and alerts can be set accordingly and managed via mobile application.

Promoters of Elanpro (Elan Professionals Pvt. Ltd.), a Gurugram-based commercial refrigeration company, have acquired a technology start-up Thingif(y). The company is involved in data monitoring enterprises that use IoT and AI to collect data from a variety of sensors and aid in real-time decision making. One of its applications is cold chains, and this technology aids in improving operating efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing energy use. Constant innovation and improvisation in cold chain has been Elanpro’s core focus area; keeping the commitment in mind, Elanpro’s team has acquired a ‘Smart Monitoring System- Thingif(y) smart hub’ from Thingif(y). Cold Chain process is widely used in medical and food industries. Insufficient and inappropriate cold chain storage has resulted in wastage of over 40% of food produced in India according to the UN data. Also, the inability to monitor environmental controls such as temperature, pressure, humidity, volume, etc. have also contributed towards the wastage of both foods and medical products. Since the COVID – 19 immunization campaign began, the demand for Cold Chain has significantly increased. A need for an appropriate, effective and efficient storage along with tech-enabled features like temperature monitoring technology is highly required to maintain efficacy of the vaccine. Similarly, same properties are required to preserve food for a longer period of time.

Artificial Intelligence not only streamlines the accessibility but also enhances automation process so that there is less human intervention. Thingif(y) is an AI enabled temperature monitoring system which is an ideal solution to drive the future of the cold chain. The monitoring system will help in detecting temperature, humidity or pressure, optimize power consumption, and therefore, offer a cooler monitoring solution for preventive maintenance.

Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director at Elanpro said, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Thingif(y) which will play a significant role in driving the future of cold chain storage in India. At Elanpro, we are constantly working towards achieving operational excellence and with this association, we aim to serve as a differentiator. Thingif(y), an AI-enabled product, is one of our many unique solutions aimed at providing best-in-class service. Since industries like medicine, retail, wine production, blood/organ banks, and more are dealing with everyday challenges of temperature control, we are making sure through our efforts that we provide them with a wide range of products in order to meet their needs and reduce damages.”

Thingif(y) is a modular interface that adapts to the needs and requirements of the products. With AI-powered intelligence and an intelligent gateway, the configuration of rules and alerts can be set accordingly and managed via mobile application. It shares alerts in any variation through text messages, emails, or WhatsApp. It collects data from a wide range of sensors to deliver important insights and aids in real-time decision making.

A modular, scalable, and interoperable solutions platform Thingif(y) also has applications in multiple other industries, including supply chain, retail, and blood banks. This platform is a solution driven by Elanpro to give better and efficient cold chain storage contributing towards the development of the Indian market.

Source: Business World

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