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Fintech Startup TRDR Raises $150K

The funds raised from the Pre-Seed round will be used to onboard more employees, as well as undertake marketing initiatives to generate early buzz

Fintech startup TRDR has raised $150,000 from investors like CRED’s Kunal Shah, and Snehal Fulzele, CEO and Co-founder of Cloud Lending Solutions, it told YourStory on Monday.

The capital raised from the Pre-Seed round will be utilised to onboard more employees, as well as undertake marketing initiatives to generate early buzz, TRDR said.

Founded just months ago in April 2021, TRDR, an automated stock trading platform, has seen substantial uptake from the retail investor community in India, most of which only started trading online last year. TRDR automates stock investing using research and algo trading signals, and requires no manual intervention from the user in buying or selling stocks.

“The flexibility we saw last year where people could spend time in front of their screens monitoring their investments and the markets has mostly gone away. Colleges and work overlap with market timings, and that makes it impractical for people to continue trading the way they had been. That is where TRDR comes in,” said Ricky Jacob, Co-founder of the startup.

TRDR’s trading strategies are based on market research and analysis, as well as backend testing. It only picks from the top 100 BSE stocks, across sectors.

The startup is currently in preliminary talks to raise a fresh round of funding soon, which it will use to blitzscale. It has nearly 1,000 users on the platform, with $500,000 in assets under management.

Algorithmic trading and robo-trading have become a much sought-after layer on top of online trading these days, especially after thousands of retail investors starting trading in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial instruments since the last year.

Robo-trading firms argue that by automating buy and sell signals, they are able to give their investors a better return for their money than they would have got had they been trading manually.

TRDR charges Rs 500, per month for investments up to Rs 2 lakh.

Source: Business World

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