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GalaxyCard now allows users more time to repay their dues, targets 300 M customers

GalaxyCard – India’s fastest lending solutions offering instantly approved credit cards has recently launched an extension feature for its credit card customers that gives them extra time to arrange money for repayment of their loan and not be disturbed until then by the collections. The new feature is based on a completely automated process that makes it easy for the customer to avail the plan as per their needs without having to explain or request any person for some time.

In a traditional lending process, collection agents from a lender continue to chase a customer who is late on their bill payments. As a result, it creates tension and increases mental pressure on the customer, at the same time, affects their dignity. Being a customer-first company, GalaxyCard strives to overcome these problems with its extension feature. By requesting an extension, the customer can arrange for money without added tension and repayment their loan as per their convenience.

Delighted with the launch, Amit Kumar Founder of GalaxyCard said, “GalaxyCard is always innovating on ways to improve the customer experience and delivering a credit product that is simply customer first.” GalaxyCard is a customer-first company, based on a customer-centric approach to make the tech-enabled lending process convenient to its target audience.

Unlike the traditional collection process, the newly launched feature boasts multiple extension plans based on overdue days and overdue amounts. The customers can avail the feature instantly and on their own. Furthermore, the traditional credit card application process does not fit customers of all income groups. Additionally, customers pay a massive amount as annual and interest charges for using a credit card. Thus, GalaxyCard focuses on focus on making credit cards available to customers with an income of less than 30k a month and avail the benefits as of traditional banks.

Source: Business World

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