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“Get addicted to good,” says mCaffeine, in its new campaign

In an exciting new development, mCaffeine, India’s caffeinated personal care brand, is collaborating with three of India’s biggest millennial icons and talented celebrities – Radhika Apte, Shruti Hassan, and Vikrant Massey as their new age ‘brand believers’ for their upcoming campaign. The brand film is targeted towards empowering the country’s Gen Z audience while communicating mCaffeine’s ‘Addicted To Good’ proposition in an innovative yet relatable way.

The proposition comes from the human insight that we are essentially creatures of habit that favor repetition. A single good habit can often lead to another, starting a chain of goodness. Armed with all the goodness of caffeine, mCaffeine wants to get its users similarly ‘Addicted to Good’. Representing the young and energetic go-getters who the brand’s products are made for, the three ambassadors will share the goodness of caffeine with everyone – along with the good that the brand does at large.

Commenting on the association, Tarun Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder, mCaffeine, said, “We are overjoyed to welcome Radhika, Vikrant and Shruti to our world of caffeinated goodness. Given the rising awareness about personal care, with our ‘Addicted To Good’ campaign, we aim to emphasize the benefits of our hero ingredient and solidify mCaffeine’s position as India’s most favorite caffeinated personal care brand.”

Talking about embarking on this new journey, R adhika Apte said, “I am thrilled to espouse mCaffeine’s brand values of being addicted to good. Looking at the growing consciousness of today’s millennials, I believe that we all must pledge to products that make us addicted to not just a good regime but also a good environment. Kudos to their team for this endeavor of making smart personal care choices a talking point in the country and enlightening us about how our personal care choices can leave a positive impact.”

Aside from opposing animal testing, the color, and gender-neutral brand promotes clean, sustainable living. With the ‘Addicted To Good’ message, mCaffeine aims to inspire the audience to unearth their full potential and be the best version of themselves – because feeling good is everyone’s right. “For me, personal care is not just limited to outer appearance but a feeling of goodness from within. I have personally been a mCaffeine user, and I stand by the ideology of the brand. mCaffeine – 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and with zero plastic footprint – has consistently made a meaningful impact in today’s world by supporting addiction to the goodness of caffeinated personal care products. I am happy to align myself with a brand that is working hard to help our country recognize the importance of inner beauty and responsibility towards the environment through a simple yet powerful message of being ‘Addicted To Good,’” says Shruti Hassan.

Vikrant Massey added, “The pandemic has brought me closer to myself and my personal care routine, and I think that’s the scenario with everyone. Consumers are looking for an impactful factor in every choice they make, and a brand like mCaffeine, in today’s time, is making it easily possible for them with their consistent efforts. I am looking forward to this exciting mCaffeine journey of being #AddictedToGood.”

With unique products that harness the goodness of caffeine for skin, hair and face,  mCaffeine has built a sturdy record for itself at a lightning-fast pace. The brand is now set to take the personal care market by storm with the strategic association of three renowned celebrities.

Source: Business World

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