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Healthtech Startup Bluesemi Launches EYVA

The holistic health tech device can accurately measure 6 key body vitals- Blood glucose, ECG, Heart rate, Blood pressure, SPo2, and Temperature.

Promising a novel and easier healthcare monitoring and managing solution to people, BlueSemi, an up and coming Indian healthtech startup, launched its revolutionary product, EYVA at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. EYVA, the non-invasive consumer health tech gadget is backed by an innovative patented technology leveraging sensor fusion, accurate AI algorithms, and smart IoT. Adding to this groundbreaking development is the fact that with the launch of EYVA, BlueSemi becomes the first Indian healthtech company to exhibit its offering at CES, the most influential tech event in the world.

The holistic health tech device can accurately measure 6 key body vitals- Blood glucose, ECG, Heart rate, Blood pressure, SPo2, and Temperature. With a simple touch and without the hassle of pricks and blood, this gadget enables users to know their health status in merely 60 seconds. Priced at INR 15,490 in India, the gadget comes with a free mobile app providing daily insights to enable users to make better health and lifestyle decisions regarding fitness, nutrition and stress management. Users can also avail a variety of paid plans that will allow them access to advanced insights and suggestions for changes in diet and exercise .

What sets EYVA apart is not only it’s disruptive technology but also it’s approach to wellness, something it has showcased by creating a unique mythical world on it’s mobile app. Addressed as  the Anthea Realm, it is a world that heals along with you, that has secrets under its blooming flowers and gushing waterfalls that can help a user connect to oneself. The world of Anthea is soothing and a place to get lost, created with the intention of changing the outlook towards health improvement from tedious and boring to wonder and delight. The design of the gadget echoes the same values as it’s online world, with a sleek and futuristic look that enhances the aesthetics of wherever it is placed (and also makes you feel like a time traveller)

Commenting on the remarkable product launch, Sunil Maddikatla, Founder & CEO of BlueSemi, said, “EYVA is a reward for our relentless hard work and commitment towards making the world a better and healthier place. We are extremely proud to display this exemplary device at the world’s premier consumer electronics show as the first Indian healthtech company. For any disruption to be successful, it has to be user-friendly and EYVA manages to tick that box. It is unique, appealing, compact, sleek, easy to carry and seamless in usage. In all veracity, this product has the potential to revolutionise how people perceive health care by ensuring wellness at the touch of one’s fingertips.

 “With the pandemic still announcing its presence across many parts of the world, having a product like EYVA is an absolute imperative, whether at homes, offices, public transports, airports, railway stations, markets, etc. Therefore, designing this product was as much a matter of scientific necessity as following our passion for constantly innovating. We, at BlueSemi, welcome everyone to be a part of this new world of healthcare and experience life with the magic of EYVA.” Mr. Sunil further added.

EYVA is expected to become available to BlueSemi’s go-to-market partners by March 2022. After the initial limited availability, the company plans to make the device available to all consumers across multiple e-commerce platforms by mid-2022.

Source: Business World

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